Two Society Daughters Surprise Their Mothers—And There Were Tears Involved


May 9, 2017 | BY Annie Tan

This Mother's Day, we speak to our Tatler friends Jessie and Stephanie Lee, as well as Mary and Rebecca Eu about their close bond. 


Jessie & Stephanie Lee.jpg

"When I was younger, [my mother]

introduced me to Clé de Peau's concealer.

Now, I love Clé de Peau's La Crème." — Stephanie Lee

Stephanie and Jessie aren’t like most mothers and daughters. While others bond over beauty or fashion, this dynamic duo shares a passion for good food and delectable tipples. It’s Billy, Jessie’s husband, who fills the role of style advisor—he loves indulging the ladies with bags and shoes.  

The ladies, however, share beauty bonding moments just before gala events. Since they invariably book the same make-up artist, they enjoy tete-a-tetes while waiting for each other, and exchange views on style, fashion and beauty products.

Though their styles are distinctly unique, the mother and daughter duo exude the same natural elegance, which stems from the belief that luxury should be indulging, effortless and authentic. “Beauty is the natural charm a person exudes, and style is confidence and comfort,” says Jessie. 

It is no wonder they both favour high-performance skincare products that enhance their natural beauty, and formulae with exquisite finishes. Having used La Crème for more than a year, Stephanie loves its rich yet lightweight texture. She says, “I apply La Crème every night, and the next morning, I always feel as if I am waking up to the sensation of morning dew. My skin is luminous, revitalised and extremely supple.”

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Mary & Rebecca Eu.jpg

"Her skin glows the way it does because her heart shines

as bright as the stars." — Rebecca Eu 

Whenever Rebecca talks about her mother, she simply lights up from within. “When I was young, I loved to watch my mother get dolled up and apply lipstick. She had this big desk with a mirror that folds up to reveal a treasure trove of make-up and beauty trinkets. Today, lipstick is my favourite beauty item,” enthuses Rebecca.

The pair has been bonding over beauty since Rebecca was six, when they begun exploring exquisite spas and hot springs together. Rebecca recalls a trip they made to Iceland’s ethereal Blue Lagoon together. “We had mud on our face and I was splashing around—it is one of my favourite memories,” she says. 

Beauty in the Eu family, however, extends beyond exotic spa treks. “Beauty is an inner glow that reflects a life well-lived,” says Mary. The ladies’ choice of skincare reflects this pursuit of true inner beauty and radiance. 

Both women recommend La Crème by Clé de Peau Beauté for its exquisite satin smooth texture, and precious, luxurious ingredients. “My skin was soft, supple and glowing after using La Crème,” says Rebecca. Hailing it as one of the most luxurious creams in the world, Mary recommends it for “any woman who wants pamper herself”.   

Videography Ewan Lim & Quinatasya Afridi
Photography Ivanho Harlim
Styling Lena Kamarudin
Hair Sean Ang

Make-up Terence Ng & Alvin Cha, using Clé de Peau Beauté
Location The Co
Rebecca Eu's Skirt Needle & Thread, at Net-A-Porter
Props The Vintage Parlour

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