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Fashion 6 Highlights From Moschino's Beautiful Puppet Show For Spring-Summer 2021

6 Highlights From Moschino's Beautiful Puppet Show For Spring-Summer 2021

6 Highlights From Moschino's Beautiful Puppet Show For Spring-Summer 2021
By Cheryl Chan
March 05, 2021
Moschino's spring-summer 2021 presentation celebrates the fantasy of fashion with an haute couture marionette show

It almost goes without saying, that in the era of Covid-19, everyone has had to do things a little differently. And the fashion industry is no different. When global lockdowns took place last year, no one knew what direction brands would take for their spring-summer 2021 shows. But Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott is no stranger to whimsical ideas, having turned previous runways into giant, cubist art galleries or kitschy TV game show sets. In fact, thinking out of the box has always been part of his brand and appeal.

This time, Scott was inspired by Théâtre de la Mode, the touring exhibit of miniature couture creations by Parisian designers after World War II to raise funds and help revive the French fashion industry. As a result, clients who were unable to travel to Paris also had the chance to view the creations.

Together with special effects house and puppet workshop Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, which was founded by the famous puppeteer in 1979, Scott created marionettes of his favourite models in 40 runway looks. These 30-inch puppets then “walked” the runway with well‑known fashion editors “attending” the show. What transpired from this collaboration was a fashion film unlike any other, celebrating the beauty and magic of haute couture through puppets and miniature garments.


Under Scott’s direction, Moschino is a brand that views its clothes and accessories with a tongue-in-cheek lens. And in a time where the world is faced with uncertainties, his elaborate marionette show invites people to immerse in a universe where fashion is the focus, if only for just seven minutes. During this time, many have traded in the glamour of fashion for the comfort of WFH-suitable loungewear, but if Moschino’s latest showcase has taught us anything, it is that the spirit of creativity will always prevail.

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Top Picks

Here are the key highlights from Moschino’s spring-summer 2021 collection

As the tiny bag trend continues to rage on this season, this vintage-inspired purse makes for a great addition to your wardrobe. Its classic shape and colour will also ensure it matches almost any outfit
Now that you can’t leave the house without a spare face mask, hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes, you’re going to need a purse that can fit them all. The best thing about this clutch? Its multiple compartments that will keep all your belongings separate
In the age of social distancing, instead of telling the person behind you to scoot back a little, why not let your clothes do the talking? A blazer with voluminous sleeves is a great way to assert your authority, both in terms of fashion and at the crowded mall
Here’s a cheeky take on the current sweatpants trend. Mix it with a shirt and some jewellery for a casual, relaxed look that shows that you aren’t trying too hard
In a time when it’s wise to be sensitive with your fashion purchases, the trompe l’oeil dress is a perfect way to showcase extravagance without being tone-deaf. This piece has all the makings of a party frock, from extravagant beading to rich, embroidered materials, but with the ease of a simple silhouette
Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott’s iconic pink Barbie biker chic look reappears, but this time in the form of a beautifully draped dress. We love how the metal details act as an edgy contrast to the ultra‑feminine floral brocade, making it a versatile dress that can be dressed up with heels, or down with sneakers

Moschino | 01-04/05 Paragon, 6732 1375 | 01-15 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 6688 7101 


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