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Beauty A Beauty Addict Diary: Meaghan See Reviews Heure's Ageless Collection, a New Intelligent Skincare Line

A Beauty Addict Diary: Meaghan See Reviews Heure's Ageless Collection, a New Intelligent Skincare Line

A Beauty Addict Diary: Meaghan See Reviews Heure's Ageless Collection, a New Intelligent Skincare Line
By Chloe Pek
December 18, 2020
Lawyer and fitness instructor Meaghan See charts her skin's progress over two weeks of using Heure's Ageless collection

It’s no secret that Meaghan See leads a busy lifestyle—not only is she a legal counsel, the daughter of marine logistics veteran Jaacky See and Indonesian society darling Maria See is also a barre and indoor-cycling instructor. And she does all these without breaking a sweat (figuratively).

“Being ‘ageless’ to me means feeling my best, both physically and mentally, at any age. So I do that by constantly being on the move and doing things that spark passion in my life,” she told us.

“But as much as I hate to admit it, it wasn’t until recently when I realised that my skin has differed significantly from when I was in my 20s, so I had to change my routine,” the 31-year-old said.

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And so, we invited her to try Heure (pronounced ‘her’; and derived from “hour” in French), a new and groundbreaking skincare brand that has been ten years in the making. Led by science, Heure’s skincare features SPHR, the brand’s proprietary encapsulation and transdermal delivery system. With this technology, active ingredients are encapsulated into microspheres to protect it from environmental degradation and deliver it into the deeper layers of the skin, where they are time-released into targeted areas within the dermis for optimised efficiency.

Heure’s debut line is Ageless, a collection of six high-performing products—Skin Booster, Serum, Eye Serum, Day Treatment cream, Night Treatment cream, and Facial Treatment Mask—that promises to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines, skin elasticity, and the skin barrier function.

Meaghan shares her experience after the course of two weeks.

Day 1
Day 1

Day 0

Because I had been waking up early at 4:30am for my fitness trainings, I felt like my skin quality had deteriorated a little in terms of its brightness, and I often looked tired. Then there are the usual concerns—a bit of lines, crow’s feet and freckles here and there.

When I first saw Heure’s Ageless collection, I was really curious about where it came from. From the package and design to the smell and texture of it, it was very thoughtfully curated, so I originally thought it was Korean, because they have a very good reputation when it comes to skincare. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that it was developed in Singapore.

Day 1

The first few products I tried were the Serum and Eye Serum, which applied really smoothly. The texture was very light and not sticky at all, which I really liked. Even the Night Treatment cream was very lightweight and absorbed quickly, so I could just pop into bed without waiting around.

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Day 4
Day 4

Day 2

After using the Serum, Eye Serum and Night Treatment cream the night before, I woke in the morning and realised that my skin felt very different from the previous days I’ve had. It was very smooth, like a layer of silk on my skin, and even after washing my face, the texture stayed on, and my complexion felt fresher and more supple as well.

Day 4

After the third day, I felt that my skin condition really peaked, and I was surprised because it didn’t dip like what I experienced previously. With new skincare, it’s usually the case whereby my skin looked really good for the first two days, and then I would get a breakout after. But that didn’t happen to me, and the smoothness and suppleness of my skin remained.

Day 7
Day 9



Day 7

By the one-week mark, that’s when I felt like I could actually see the difference. I was still tired from waking up early for my trainings, but I was surprised when people told me that I was looking fresh. I also felt like my spots and freckles were looking lighter, perhaps because my complexion was becoming fairer and brighter.

Day 10

I’ve used the Facial Treatment Mask for about two to three times after the past week, and I usually use it after a work out or shower and leave it on while I’m doing work or just chilling out. It’s made from bio-cellulose and it’s thicker than usual sheet mask. You can feel that it is soaked with so much good stuff—25ml of high concentration serum, to be exact.

When I remove it after 20 minutes, my skin just feels rejuvenated and I look super fresh. I wouldn’t need any more serum for the day because of how concentrated it is.

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Day 11
Day 14



Day 14

Since the first week, my skin quality has largely maintained and I haven’t seen any dip in terms of my complexion. My face feels smoother and more supple, and visually, my complexion is brighter and fresher.

I used to have to put on some tinted sunscreen or moisturiser when I’m heading out, but all I need now is just normal sunscreen and a little bit of concealer and I’m good to go.


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