Should You Wear Wool In Singapore?


August 29, 2017 | BY Chloe Pek

Laura Lusuardi, fashion coordinator at Max Mara dispels the myths and misconceptions about wearing wool.

Wearing wool in the everlasting summers of Singapore may have many shuddering at the thought of perspiring under the sweltering heat, clad in a scratchy sweater—but that’s where you are wrong. Wool is in fact, a fabric for all seasons, and can be extremely comfortable.

With so many myths surrounding the natural fibre, we speak to Laura Lusuardi, fashion coordinator at Max Mara to dispel these misconceptions and find out more about Max Mara’s Wool Denim collection, a collaboration with the Woolmark Company.

Most Singaporeans avoid wool like the plague. What kind of woollen pieces would work best in our wardrobes?
Laura Lusuardi (LL) Merino wool fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour and evaporate it into the air, so Merino wool clothing is extremely breathable and less prone to clamminess. Because of this, it tends not to create static electricity, helping it to drape beautifully.

Is there a difference between wool used in summer clothing as opposed to winter clothing?
LL Wool is a fibre for all seasons, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In contrast to synthetics, Merino wool reacts to changes in body temperature, so it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.

What are the distinctive characteristics of this fibre?
LL Merino wool has always been present in the Max Mara collections because it has excellent quality. It is a flexible material, of animal origin; it is soft, comfortable, naturally fluid, and suitable for all seasons. It is also environmentally sustainable and biodegradable. 

What would you recommend from Max Mara’s wool collection for lightweight travelling?
LL I think that all garments made of Wool Denim are perfect for lightweight and comfortable travelling since they are easy to wear, naturally stretchable, resilient and able to regulate body heat.

Where does this new ‘Wool Denim’ fabric come from?
LL We chose to create an original interpretation of denim—a contemporary clothing classic—because modern women like a relaxed and practical look. Denim, however, still remains too casual for the Max Mara Collection, so we needed to find a fabric that was easy to wear, yet sophisticated. Wool Denim combines these two characteristics perfectly. We have been able to use it in a variety of ways, from trouser suits to dresses, creating a style that’s feminine but with a masculine slant.

Are there new projects in the pipeline with Woolmark?
LL We are permanently, constantly working on projects with Woolmark, because wool is a constant feature in the history of Max Mara. Our customers have always placed their trust in Max Mara, since it is synonymous with quality. We feel it is important to provide information on this fibre, because the value of a piece of clothing depends not only on the style, on the fashion and trend aspect, but also on the performance offered by the fabric.