Maison Lancôme Creates Three New Scents Called ‘Eaux Grands Crus'


March 5, 2018 | BY AFP

Each fragrance brings a new vision of freshness, in blends channeling contrast and depth.

Two years after launching the "Maison Lancôme" collection, celebrating the art of perfumery and the craft of selecting and blending scents, the French label has three new creations in store, dubbed "Eaux Grands Crus."

Based on the idea of combining pairs of complementary aromas or extracts, the beauty brand signed on three esteemed perfumers to create the fresh new scents. The result is three new "Eaux de Parfum" fragrances, called "Oranges Bigarades," "Iris Dragées," and "Santal Kardamon."

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Christophe Raynaud created "Oranges Bigarades," a citrus floral combining orange essence with bitter orange essence. This citrus duo is enriched with notes of bergamot and black pepper, and contrasts with a Ceylon black tea essence signature.

"Iris Dragées" was crafted by Nathalie Lorson, who matched two forms of iris—a resinoid and a distillate—matched with a sweet signature of sugared almonds.

Amandine Marie created "Santal Kardamon," blending Sri Lankan sandalwood essence with sandalwood distillate. The woody aromas are enriched with mandarin and pink pepper, contrasting with a green cardamom liqueur signature.

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