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Fashion Prada, Gucci and More: Luxury Fashion Brands Design Fun AR Filters For Instagram

Prada, Gucci and More: Luxury Fashion Brands Design Fun AR Filters For Instagram

Prada, Gucci and More: Luxury Fashion Brands Design Fun AR Filters For Instagram
(Image: Pexels)
By Annie Simpson
By Annie Simpson
May 22, 2020
Luxury Fashion Houses from Dior to Prada are jumping on the Instagram bandwagon by creating their own augmented reality filters

Though traditionally designed by the app’s producers, in recent years, Instagram has put its users in the driving seat by allowing anyone to create their own AR—augmented reality—filters for use on the app,
We’ve all tried the fun designs, including finding out which Friends or Disney character you are, and which Harry Potter house you’d be in, but these luxury fashion houses are taking the filters to the next level.
Allowing fashion lovers to interact with brands in a whole new way, the filters show the traditional houses willingness to step right into the 21st century. As some of the filters can be a little hard to find—as you need to either save a filter from a friend’s story or find the filter directly from its creator—we show you which stylish effects to look out for.

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Minimalist and chic—just like the brand itself—Prada's AR filter offers its own take on the popular "which character am I" filters.

Featuring a simple white panel with the brand's classic black typeface, the filter allows users to find out their “Current Prada Mood”.
Simply take a selfie and the app will show several characteristics based on the letters P-R-A-D-A. Options include "Provoke Reactions And Demand Attention", "Profound Refences And Defiant Attitude" and "Pleasingly Refined And Deliberately Atypical".

Try it on mobile here

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Back in 2019, Dior was one of the first luxury fashions houses to launch its own AR Instagram filter. Back then, the brand’s filter gave Instagram users the ability to try on virtual versions of the label’s DiorSoLight sunglasses or double headbands marked “Christian Dior J’Adior.”, coupled with a unique animated kaleidoscope background.
This month, Dior presented us with a new filter, Rose Des Vents, which features the emblematic lucky star medallion, designed by Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie. 
Inspired and named after the best-selling Rose des Vents jewellery collection, the filter echoes the spirited campaign starring actress and model Cara Delevingne.

Try it on mobile here

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Inspired by the Gucci Spring Summer 2020 fashion show, the Gucci “I See You” filter is designed to celebrate self-expression.

Taking your selfie stories to the next level, the filter features the user wearing a pearl-and-gem-adorned headpiece.

Try it on mobile here 

Miu Miu

Originally launched to coincide with the brand’s Valentine’s Day collection, Miu Miu’s filter shows users which famous kiss they are.
Celebrating some of the most legendary romantic moments to grace the big screen, the filter features everything from the life-giving kiss of Prince Charming, to the iconic farewell scene in Casablanca. 

Try it on mobile here

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Versace’s Optical Medusa Instagram filter features the brand’s iconic logo, the head of Medusa.
Given a modern-day update, the semi-transparent Greek mythological figure is featured alongside geometric monochrome shapes and patterns. The filter also includes a Greek stencil border pattern that is synonymous with the brand.
Created in line with the brand’s FW20 collection, the graphic lines, textural interest and contrast of the filter reflects key pieces from the collection.

Try it on mobile here

Victoria Beckham

From Spice Girls fame, to being the wife of David Beckham and having her own eponymous fashion empire, VB wears many hats.

With her light-hearted filter, Victoria Beckham allows you to find out “Which Victoria Beckham You Are”.
Options include "The Beauty Boss", "The Spice Girl", "The Mom" and more.

Try it on mobile here

Stella McCartney

Along with her colourful "Stellavision" filter—featuring rainbow-coloured star, peace signs and heart-shaped lasers projecting from the users' eyes—Stella McCartney shows off her brand's green credentials with the "Plant Power" filter.

Be at one with nature with this green-hued filter which covers the users face with leaves and even sees them spill from your mouth when talking.  

Try it on mobile here


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