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Fashion What's in Aesthetic Doctor Kellyn Shiau's Closet?

What's in Aesthetic Doctor Kellyn Shiau's Closet?

What's in Aesthetic Doctor Kellyn Shiau's Closet?
By Amelia Yeo
January 06, 2020
The founder and medical director of Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic likes to add form and structure to soft, feminine silhouettes for a style that is comfortable and elegant to suit her hectic lifestyle

“Never underestimate the power of a good outfit” is the fashion motto of aesthetic doctor Kellyn Shiau. Not only does dressing well positively influence her mood for the day, it also instils a greater sense of confidence in her to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

As founder and medical director of Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Kellyn helps individuals achieve their beauty goals. But when it comes to personal style, she looks to Dior for its well-cut jackets and vests, as well as flattering silhouettes. “The exquisitely tailored pieces complement a woman’s curves really well,” she enthuses.

On hectic work days, she is often shuffling between treatment rooms attending to different clients. “Having the ability to move freely without restriction is an important consideration when I shop for clothes,” she shares. Coupled with the hands-on nature of her job, comfort is also key. “It’s definitely comfort over style for me,” she says, citing her much-loved Chanel ballet flats as an example. “I always wear these as they are very comfortable and walking in them all day is not a problem.”

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Compared to 10 years ago when her wardrobe was filled with form-fitting clothes and shorter hemlines, Kellyn now prefers more relaxed silhouettes that are feminine and elegant. These include pleated mid-length skirts and long floral dresses. She also looks to social media to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends. “If I come across something that suits my style, I’ll just purchase it either in stores or online.”

More than just fashion, Kellyn also has a penchant for jewellery, which she purchases to celebrate important milestones. To mark their 10th wedding anniversary last October, she and her husband acquired an exquisite 14-carat step-cut emerald from Singapore-based jeweller J’adorn Maison. They had the stone set into a ring and accented with three diamonds on the sides, each symbolising Kellyn, her husband and their nine-year-old son. “This ring gives us something to look back on in the future and can be passed down through the generations.” 

Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the items in Kellyn's closet

Audemars Piguet watch
Hermès ring
Van Cleef & Arpels earrings
Custom-made wedding anniversary ring
Dior Makeup lip gloss
Hermès bag
Dior belt
  • Photography Lionel Lai/AcePix
  • Hair Zoel Tee, using Hanz De Fuko
  • Make-Up Zoel Tee, using Laura Mercier


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