Lily Aldridge’s Passion For Gems


November 20, 2016 | BY Karishma Tulsidas

The supermodel has found a new love in the form of brilliant baubles by Bulgari. The face of its Magnificent Inspirations collection tells us about her love affair with jewellery and the city of Rome.


High Jewellery necklace in white gold with amethysts, rubellites, aquamarines and diamonds.

When and how did your love for jewellery and gemstones develop?
Lily Aldridge
I think at a very young age when playing dress up, you feel so glamorous, when you put on pieces of jewellery even though they’re not real, and then when you grow up you get to wear real diamonds, real sapphires, real rubies. It’s really exciting and always fun.

What’s your earliest memory of jewellery? 
The first piece of jewellery I was ever given was probably a piece of plastic when I was a kid from my mom (laughs). 

What is one piece of jewellery you always reach for? 
My wedding ring!


Why did you agree to work with Bulgari on this campaign? 
To me, Bulgari is not just a visionary brand, it also represents a Roman way of life that balances glamour with indulgence, and enjoyment with exuberance. For Bulgari, “living larger” is the only way to live, it is about living the love for extravagance, the joy of audaciousness, the desire to be unique and individual self-expression; a life in bold full-colour.

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High jewellery is often regarded as pieces that can only be worn in the evenings. How do you think the contemporary woman of today should wear jewellery? Any tips on how to style high jewellery for the day? 
I love that we had a more masculine attire for the shoot. It was really cool to pair the tuxedo with the jewellery. I would wear the Serpenti choker with jeans and a t-shirt and a great pair of high heels and feel fabulous. I think you can really mix and match high and low and I believe that’s the great thing about jewellery.

What’s one facet of Bulgari that you discovered throughout this campaign that you weren’t previously aware of? 
Bulgari represents a Roman way of life. When in Rome, you understand that being Roman is a true way of life. It is a unique spirit, which is social, indulgent, exuberant. It is glamorous. It is a life lived at the very fullest of its emotion and it contaminates you until you become a part of it!

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Images: Sebastian Kim