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Beauty Get an Enviable Youthful Glow With Kanebo’s Premium The Exceptional Range

Get an Enviable Youthful Glow With Kanebo’s Premium The Exceptional Range

Get an Enviable Youthful Glow With Kanebo’s Premium The Exceptional Range
By Vanessa Chia
March 22, 2021
Kanebo’s most premium anti-ageing trio of products including The Lotion, The Emulsion and The Cream, can help you glow from within

Kanebo has come a long way since its early days as a silk and textile trading company. The brand’s first Savon de Soie silk soap was launched in 1936 and developed through a rich history in silk technology. Since then, Kanebo has evolved to become one of the most trusted and recognisable skincare experts in the industry. And tapping on its more than eight decades of anti‑ageing research, the beauty brand has introduced its most ultra‑luxe skincare collection to date.

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3 Products in One Premium Range

Kanebo The Exceptional was conceptualised to deliver on the beauty brand’s promise to never compromise on luxurious skincare pampering, with the mission to help your skin achieve perfect clarity. The collection comprises a premium range of three products: The Lotion, The Emulsion and The Cream.

This is because, according to Kanebo, clarity is the key to beautiful flawless skin and The Exceptional ritual will restore your skin’s clarity of youth—smooth, supple and luminous. To achieve this, it targets the six factors necessary for flawless skin: moisture, radiance, texture, smoothness, firmness and brightness, using active ingredients and technologies to work on your skin from the inside out.

The secret is the Clear Skin Solution that boasts a unique Clear Botanical Complex that is enriched with a special cocktail of pear juice ferment filtrate, watercress, geranium extract and aqua glucoside. This proprietary technology nourishes the skin, increases collagen and hyaluronic acid production, and promotes skin renewal to tackle the signs of ageing and keep skin healthy and supple.

To do so, the complex fights against “shadows” on the skin caused by dark circles, change in pore size, and sagging and wrinkles by suppressing the degeneration of collagen and promoting its production instead, which in turn helps to plump skin and create a smooth canvas.

In addition, its complexion control also helps prevent skin dullness and redness from keratin glycation, which happens when sugar molecules attach themselves to protein molecules in our bodies and skin, resulting in advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that can cause inflammation within and accelerate signs of skin ageing, including dryness. Finally, a Light Ref lection Technology targets and restores the skin’s epidermis layer, while providing a veil of moisture to protect against dryness and friction.

This approach that focuses on the elements of light and shadows enhances the clarity in your skin for a truly smooth and luminous complexion.

The Lotion

With the lightest texture of the three, akin to water, The Lotion absorbs quickly into the skin to leave a smooth, satiny finish. In addition to the Clear Botanical Complex, it’s also infused with a liquorice derivative and carnitine (a type of amino acid) to inject skin with a boost of moisture.

The Emulsion

Despite a similar ingredients list to The Lotion, The Emulsion has a richer, milkier texture, thanks to the use of a special oil that not only hydrates the skin but also helps to firm and smooth the skin at the same time. 

The Cream

The star of the range, The Cream has a balm‑like texture that instantly transforms into a luscious cream, melting into the skin upon massaging and gently cocooning it with a protective veil and a soft, silky finish. It’s also enriched with vitamin E, carnitine, and mallow flower, moon peach leaf and clove flower extracts to soothe, protect and nourish the skin. 

For best results, start with The Lotion, applying it all over the face for smooth and radiant skin. Follow this with The Emulsion to boost hydration. And for an extra pampering finish, massage The Cream in as the last step, making sure to concentrate on troubled areas like dry cheeks. 

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Together, this anti‑ageing trio works harmoniously to reduce visible signs of ageing, giving your complexion that much‑desired lit ‑from‑within youthful glow.

To complete your sensorial The Exceptional skincare ritual, the Kanebo team has also spent much time developing a special scent just for the range. Dubbed the Eternity Bouquet, this light, fresh and feminine scent is a blend of yuzu sprout and flower essence, blue alpine flower meconopsys, and teatopia, a mixture of soft white florals and musk. The result is an elegant floral that uplifts the senses morning and night.

Complement your Kanebo The Exceptional skincare experience with the equally luxurious The Exceptional Base Makeup that focuses on enhancing your natural beauty by maximising its skincare benefits without compromising on coverage for a flawless finish.

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