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Beauty Kanebo Launches An Ultra-Luxe Skincare Range, Including This $1,800 Cream

Kanebo Launches An Ultra-Luxe Skincare Range, Including This $1,800 Cream

Kanebo Launches An Ultra-Luxe Skincare Range, Including This $1,800 Cream
By Elizabeth Lee
November 01, 2018
Is Kanebo’s newest range worth the splurge? We head to Pattaya in Thailand, to find out

Clarity, colour, carat and cut—these factors would determine how beautiful, and therefore valuable a diamond is. Just like the precious gem, our skin also has a criterion for it to look flawless.

The luminosity of skin, researchers at Kanebo say, has got to do with six factors: moisture, radiance, texture, smoothness, firmness, and brightness. To help the skin achieve luminosity, the Japanese skincare brand has introduced The Exceptional, a trio of products comprising a lotion, an emulsion, and a cream.

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The line is formulated with a Clear Botanical Complex made from pear juice ferment filtrate, watercress extract, aqua glucoside, and geranium robertianum extract, which works in three ways to increase the clarity of skin.

Firstly, a light reflection technology targets and restores the epidermis layer, while providing a protective veil of moisture over the skin. Next, it fights against the “shadows” of skin caused by sagging, wrinkles, dark circles and changes in the size of our pores. By suppressing the degeneration of collagen and promoting its production instead, the complex helps to plump up skin.

Taking inspiration from water itself, The Lotion gently infuse skin with moisture
The Emulsion nourishes and plumps up skin, leaving a silky finish

Lastly, a smoothing effect is noticed, thanks to its complexion control properties, which help to prevent redness and dullness caused by keratin glycation.

For a skincare range to proclaim itself as truly luxurious, it is not just the efficacy of the product that matters. The entire beauty routine, from how the bottle caps smoothly slide open, to the texture and application, contribute to a rich sensorial experience.

To do this, the team at Kanebo spent much time developing a unique scent for the range. The result? An elegant floral fragrance called the Eternity Bouquet. Light and fresh, the yuzu sprout and flower are used to provide an uplifting top note to tease the senses. At the heart is Teatopia, which is made up of a combination of delicate white flowers. Meconopsys, a blue alpine flower, adds a touch of mystery and femininity with its soft, subtle note, while musk, a familiar and comforting ingredient to many, is the key to combining the various notes effortlessly.

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Of the three, The Lotion has the lightest texture-—almost similar to that of water—which absorbs quickly into skin, leaving a smooth, satiny finish. Besides the proprietary Clear Botanical Complex, it also has a liquorice derivative and carnitine (a type of amino acid) to help inject a boost of moisture into skin.

The Emulsion has a richer, milkier texture compared to The Lotion, and although it has similar ingredients as the latter, it has been formulated with a special oil to firm and smooth skin.

Rich and creamy, The Cream melts on skin easily upon application

The star of the range would most certainly be The Cream. At first, the thick texture almost feels like a balm, but it instantly melts into the skin once you massage it in. The rich, concentrated formula is meant to act as a veil for the skin, gently cocooning it with a soft, silky finish. It also has the addition of vitamin E, mallow flower extract, moon peach leaf extract and clove flower extract.

When used together, the anti-ageing trio effects visible changes on the skin: wrinkles and other signs of ageing seem minimised, skin feels baby-soft, and there is a glow from within. 

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