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Beauty How Kanebo's New N-Rouge Make-Up Collection Is Embracing Diversity

How Kanebo's New N-Rouge Make-Up Collection Is Embracing Diversity

How Kanebo's New N-Rouge Make-Up Collection Is Embracing Diversity
By Tan Wei Lin
June 17, 2020
The Japanese cosmetic brand has rebranded: Kanebo's new, forward-looking make-up concept is out to impress with an incredible array of lipstick shades, multifunctional make-up pencils and more

Well known around the world, Kanebo boasts an established reputation of a reliable skincare and make-up brand. While it remains all that, it has now boldly put one foot into a new era with fresh innovations that turn conventional notions of beauty on their head.

The Japanese beauty giant begins its transformation into a modern brand anchored by a new message, “I Hope”. Through this new direction, it hopes to influence everyone to celebrate their uniqueness and embrace diversity. For a start, Kanebo will create products suitable for everyone. 

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The new N-Rouge collection
The new N-Rouge collection

The new N-Rouge collection is a good example of Kanebo’s new direction. It is made up of three ranges that not only provide a trendy take on lip colour, but also inject an element of play.

The Neo Dimensional selection is for the woman who wants to stand out with bold shades that lean towards purple, fuchsia, orange and red. Besides choosing colours from the contemporary palette, she can also add dimension to her pout with sheer, metallic lipsticks that can be layered over for a pearlescent or sparkly sheen.

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The Nexus Sun Red range celebrates the versatility of the colour red by adapting it into a multitude of hues that range from light to dark and warm to cool. The Nascent Zero series features unique colour-altering primers that offer unlimited possibilities to mixing shades. The natural primer conditions lips and tones the layering shade, the subtle one lightens any other shade, while the dark one delivers an air of mystery to any colour it is used with.

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Alongside the N-Rouge lipsticks, a range of multifunctional make-up pencils has also been added to the Kanebo line-up. These multitasking pencils will change the way women do their make-up and significantly reduce the size of cosmetic pouches.

The range of drawing pencils comes in black, red and amber and can be used as a lip liner, eye liner, contouring product, eyeshadow and blush. The drawing crayons, which are available in two pearlescent shades, are meant for highlighting and contouring. Similarly, the drawing dual pen can be used as a lip colour, concealer, eyeshadow, blush and highlighter to create bicoloured make-up effortlessly, while the drawing dual rouge delivers definition to the lips.

These game-changing products are a clear indication of more exciting releases to come from Kanebo. With renewed hope, we anticipate.

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