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Beauty Japanese Skincare Secrets: Have You Heard of Est, and Its Three-Step Serum Routine?

Japanese Skincare Secrets: Have You Heard of Est, and Its Three-Step Serum Routine?

Japanese Skincare Secrets: Have You Heard of Est, and Its Three-Step Serum Routine?
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
January 27, 2021
This anti-ageing serum series from Est includes a foam serum that feels amazing on the skin

The core of what Est believes is that everyone has the ability to generate beautiful skin even as they age. The skin ages at varying speeds for different people and rapidly ageing skin is often caused by factors such as lifestyle, environment, physical health, and psychological stress. 

That’s not something that the Japanese beauty brand just made up. Est’s parent company Kao has been doing deep research on ageing skin—including studies on a particular focus group of individuals: monitoring their skin condition for over a quarter of a century to understand how to enhance one’s potential for beautiful skin. That’s when Est’s skincare system G.P. Cycle Serum Care comes into play, and it unfolds in three stages.

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The importance of balance is key to Est’s beauty philosophy. The best way for skin to be at its optimal stage is to treat the skin as an ecosystem in its own right and optimise its overall balance, through G.P. Cycle Serum Care. Extending beyond a skincare routine, it’s also essential to bring mindfulness and self-care into one’s lives.

Even simple rituals like having a mindful pause in the morning and setting our intentions at the beginning of the day. At breakfast, practise mindful eating: slow down, enjoy every mouthful of your meal and take care of the skin.


Step 1: Est Serum O.N.E

Est Serum O.N.E
Est Serum O.N.E

A foam serum that is labelled a quasi-drug by the brand according to Japanese pharmaceutical guidelines. The carbonated foam serum has been formulated with nicotinamide and Est’s proprietary G.P. Cycle Complex α with yuzu extract. Carbon dioxide gas within the foam’s formula helps augment oxygen delivery to the skin and dramatically improves blood circulation, which replenishes nutrients and preps the skin for the next steps in your beauty routine. 


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How to use

After removing your makeup and cleansing, dispense a foam size of about 3cm onto your palms, press them together and then simply pat it on the skin gently. Start by blending outwards from the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and eye area. Finally, gently press your hands on your face. 

Step 2: Est G.P. Conditioning Serum

Est G.P. Conditioning Serum
Est G.P. Conditioning Serum

As the improved blood circulation flushes out anything the skin doesn’t need, the second step continues this goal: it suppresses protein denaturation which results in signs of skin ageing.

The Est G.P. Conditioning Serum is a lotion-type serum that protects and heals by retaining moisture. The formula includes proprietary G.P. Cycle Complex β which includes amidinoproline, carrot extract and Panax ginseng root extract.

How to use

Use four pumps. Blend it gently on to face, ensuring that the eye area, nostrils, and corners of the mouth are not forgotten. Then, gently press your palms, with slight pressure, on the entire face.

Step 3: Est G.P. Enriched Serum

Est G.P. Enriched Serum
Est G.P. Enriched Serum

The final step of the G.P. Cycle Serum Care is the G.P. Enriched Serum which will restore the skin. By promoting protein production and ensuring that there are sufficient protein levels, this serum generates what the skin needs. It’s formulated with G.P. Cycle Complex γ which includes rosemary extract, immersing skin in moisture and enhancing softness and smoothness.


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How to use

This white serum requires two pumps at each use. Apply it the same way as you did with Step 2’s Est G.P. Conditioning Serum.

Both Est G.P. Conditioning Serum and G.P. Enriched Serum are available in four variations to suit different skin types. 

  1. Moisturising (to improve skin damage caused by dryness)
  2. Lucent (for brighter, clearer skin through hydration)
  3. Lifting Moisture (to improve elasticity and achieve firmer skin)
  4. Whitening (for fairer skin)

Est is available at Isetan Scotts, 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House. 


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