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FashionHow VIPs Experience Paris Fashion Week

How VIPs Experience Paris Fashion Week

How VIPs Experience Paris Fashion Week
By Elizabeth Lee
March 29, 2017

Fashion lovers Dana Cheong, Margie Van Elten Blommaert and Ingrid Prasatya tell us all about their most recent invitation to Louis Vuitton's spectacular fall/winter 2017 show.  


Dana Cheong, Margie Van Elten and Ingrid Prasatya before the start of the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.

Every fashion lover (and buyer) knows that there’s always a sense of excitement and exhilaration when given the chance to view the collections live and upclose. Just ask Margie Van Elten Blommaert, Dana Cheong and Ingrid Prasatya—three very stylish Singapore Tatler friends who headed to the City of Lights for Fashion Week early this month. 

At the invitation of Louis Vuitton, Margie, Dana and Ingrid were whisked away to the beautiful Cour Marly at the Louvre Museum, where the fall/winter 2017 collection by creative director Nicolas Ghesquière was shown. Amongst the gorgeous 17th and 18th Chevaux ailés (The Winged Horses) and Mercure et la Renommée (Fame and Mercury) sculptures, fur coats, knee-high slip dresses and beautiful knits glided down the runway.

PARIS 8.jpg

Fredia Smits and Margie Van Elten at the lobby of Hotel Plaza Athénée, before the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.


Margie Van Elten leaving for the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.


Dana Cheong leaving for the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.

paris 1.jpg

(Left) Dana Cheong at the Lourve Cour Napoléon. (Right) Fredia Smits and Margie Van Elten at the Lourve Cour Napoléon.


Lenny Drouzias, Freida Smits, Daniella Carmichael, Dana Cheong and Margie Van Elten (left to right).

Paris 3.jpg

(Left) Darren Cheong and Dana Cheong before the start of the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.  (Right) Freida Smits, Margie Van Elten and Daniella Carmichael after the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.


Cocktail at the Louis Vuitton Champs Élysées Maison.


Angela Flemming, Margie Van Elten, Freida Smits, Martin Berry and Alexandra Gowdie at the Louis Vuitton Champs Élysées Maison.

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We speak to the three ladies about their Fashion Week experience.

How was Paris Fashion Week for you this season?
Ingrid Prasatya "It’s always a lovely experience attending a Louis Vuitton show."
Dana Cheong "I head to the shows quite often, but the Lourve is really such a beautiful location."

What were some of your favourite looks from the Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2017 show?
Margie Van Elten Blommaert "I've got my eye on several jackets. It may be too warm to wear them in Singapore, but they're just so beautiful! I loved the leather jackets, knitted tops and the grey trench coat."
Ingrid "This is the first time I've seen Louis Vuitton present so many fur looks. I also really liked how Nicolas Ghesquière worked with sporty fabrics to make everything look so edgy and cool."
Dana "The fur vest was definitely one of my favourite looks."

What is your must-have piece of the season?
Ingrid "I really like the sporty jacket in cool blue."
Dana "A pair of black and white knee-high boots."
Margie "The shoes—I'm definitely a boot kinda gal."

What's one thing you must have with you at all times during Fashion Week?
Margie "Leather pants! In fact, I brought three different pairs with me on this trip."
Ingrid "Great bags and shoes are a must-have."
Dana "I always travel with a fur wrap, especially since it can get cold. Also, I've got to have my cellphone with me at all times."

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