How Yves Saint Laurent Transformed His Era with His Clothes


May 10, 2016 | BY Singapore Tatler

The Yves Saint Laurent: Birth of a Legend photo exhibition is now on at the Alliance Française Gallery.


French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent wasn’t exaggerating when he claimed credit for transforming his era with his clothes. But that journey to the top was not one without its moments of anxiety and fatigue. Witness the highs and lows behind the scenes through the lens of French photojournalist Pierre Boulat, with an exhibition of photos of Saint Laurent and his business and life partner Pierre Bergé taken during the lead-up to YSL’s debut collection in 1962.

The most intense and intriguing batch has to be Boulat’s fly-on-the-wall shots of the two in full business mode at their atelier. Catch the Yves Saint Laurent: Birth of a Legend photo exhibition now on till May 21 at the Alliance Française Gallery, as part of the French festival Voilah! 2016 by Institut Français Singapour and the French Embassy in Singapore.

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Two Yves Saint Laurent museums are slated to open in 2017.

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