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Fashion The Tatler Guide To Scoring The Louis Vuitton Supreme Collab

The Tatler Guide To Scoring The Louis Vuitton Supreme Collab

The Tatler Guide To Scoring The Louis Vuitton Supreme Collab
By Elizabeth Lee
July 11, 2017

How to get your hands on the highly anticipated Louis Vuitton Supreme collection.

Ever since news broke that Louis Vuitton would be collaborating with Supreme, fashion lovers have been impatiently awaiting its launch. And now that word on the street is that the collection will drop in the Ion Orchard store on July 14, the buzz around it has reached fever pitch.

Here are some ways to get hold of it, without actually having to queue for it yourself.

1/5 Visit one of the pop-up stores around the world

If you've been following our coverage of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration closely, you'd know that the fashion house had pop-up stores in Paris, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo and London on June 30. We hear one stylish society fan successfully managed to score the entire range at the London store on launch day. P.S. She even had an empty bank account to show as proof. 

2/5 Get (someone else) in line

While we may not have our version of Same Ole Line Dudes—a professional team of full-time queuers—in Singapore, we've already spotted postings on Carousell asking for help to stand in line, in exchange for payment, of course.

You can also try LaborMe, a peer-to-peer app that helps you search for 'taskers' willing to carry out various errands on your behalf. Our source tells us that Louis Vuitton has anticipated a major queue, and will be providing water and medical attention on-site. 

Latest update: The queue opens today, July 13, at 7am. Every customer will be allowed to buy one leather product and one small leather good. There will also be a random balloting machine on site to determine who gets to go into the store first.

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3/5 Make friends in the right places 

If you're already a VIP of Louis Vuitton, chances are, your favourite sales assistant (SA) would probably have been in contact with you about the collection. Pre-orders are available for certain ready-to-wear pieces, shoes and hard-sided accessories—check with your friendly SA about the local buy.

4/5 Try the resale market

While it's best to get it from the store directly, the resale market is always an option, especially if steps 1 through 3 have proved fruitless for you. Just be prepared to shell out upwards of US$2,500 for the 'humble' box-logo t-shirt (that's five times more than the original retail price of US$485).

5/5 Customise your own bag

A large part of the hype behind this collaboration is its exclusivity. But what could be more exclusive than personalisation? The Louis Vuitton Haute Maroquinerie is a made-to-order service which allows you to add your signature touch to a bespoke bag. There are six different shapes (Noe, Triangle, Lockit, Milaris, Neo Steamer and Capucines) to choose from, and you can customise the colour, type of leather and even add your initials.

We're not saying you should, but you could even emblazon the word 'Supreme' on it, if you really wanted to...

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