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Beauty How To: Look And Feel Younger

How To: Look And Feel Younger

How To: Look And Feel Younger
By Annabelle Teo
June 27, 2011

Boost your cellular health for skin that looks healthier and younger - we get some tips from dermatologist, Howard Murad


When it comes to skincare these days, the topics have discernably shifted beyond the surface of the skin and into much deeper ground - right down to the very cells in your body. Approaching skin concerns from within isn't a new concept, but for Howard Murad, it's a topic that he has invested time and research in, and his findings have been penned in his latest book, The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger.


As a board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist and professor of dermatology at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Murad is regarded as one of the industry's foremost skin experts, specifically on the area of ageing. He is also the man behind the development of Murad skin care products, which complement his philosophy of what he calls 'Inclusive Health'. Based on this philosophy, Murad emphasises that skin is not only the body's largest organ but it is connected to, and reflective of, the health of all systems in the body.

With that, we ask the good doctor for some tips on achieving optimum cellular health, what ‘cultural stress' is, and just how hard the products we slather on are really working.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables
"Raw fruits and vegetables are the best way to boost cellular health. Not only are you digesting the water from these items, but you are also taking in essential vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that strengthen the cell barrier. My favourites are Goji berries, pomegranates, plums, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, avocadoes, kale, spinach, and carrots."

Avoid the three ‘evils'
"Things to avoid include the three ‘evils' - salt, sugar and pure fats. These decrease cellular hydration."

Consider health supplements
"Supplements are essential for skin and overall health. Topical skincare can only reach in the uppermost layers of the skin, so supplements provide targeted nutrients to ‘feed' the 80 percent of the skin that topical products can't touch.

In addition to taking a multi-vitamin, I recommend glucosamine, pomegranate extract, fish oils and amino acids. These supplements will flood the body with the building blocks of the healthy water-tight cells that are the foundation for healthy skin."

Minimise ‘Cultural Stress'
"'Cultural Stress' is a phrase I use to describe the type of constant and pervasive stress through living a maxed-out, multi-tasking life. It takes a dramatic toll on overall health so it's important to understand it, address your stressors and take steps to combat it such as surrounding yourself with people you care about, quieting your mind by turning off your cell phone and television before bed, participating in a physical activity, and of course, smiling and laughing freely. These small efforts will bring you big emotional changes, helping you destress and enjoy life."

Focus on ‘Inclusive Health'
"Skincare is only one-third of a complete regimen to build youth back into your body. By focusing on Inclusive Health, one can not only slow down the ageing process but also help reverse the visible signs of ageing. This can be accomplished by tending to one's internal, topical and emotional self-care. Everything from getting regular exercise, taking daily supplements, getting sleep and taking time for oneself will encourage an increase in intercellular water."

Cleanse, treat and moisturise
"To understand what will work best for your skin and your skin concerns, work with a dermatologist or aesthetician who can prescribe specific products that will benefit you.

In regards to product application, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! The first step is to cleanse/tone. The second step is to apply your treatment products and the third step is to apply your moisturizers and sunscreens. This system will help strengthen the skin barrier function and make your skin healthier and more youthful."




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