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Beauty How a Facial at SK-II Boutique Spa Can Help Your Skin Achieve its Highest Potential

How a Facial at SK-II Boutique Spa Can Help Your Skin Achieve its Highest Potential

How a Facial at SK-II Boutique Spa Can Help Your Skin Achieve its Highest Potential
By Annabelle Bok
January 22, 2021
Pure, fresh, and rejuvenating—the colourless, odourless liquid whose importance we often overlook is a veritable fountain of youth

You’ve most likely heard about SK-II Boutique Spa’s most recent campaign, “We Love Your Skin”, and its longstanding salus per aquam or  “Health Through Water” theme. You’re probably also familiar with SK-II’s Pitera Essence or “miracle water”, which has helped thousands of women the world over to achieve their skin’s highest potential. However, you might not yet fully appreciate the spa’s focus on using purified water.

SK-II Boutique Spa’s use of the latest technology to raise the benchmark for the purity and quality of all ingredients used during its treatments might not immediately seem related, either, until you realise that regular tap water contains trace amounts of chemicals, as well as sediments from mineral deposits and other substances in underground pipelines.

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Aware that these components are potentially harmful to the skin in the long run, SK-II Boutique Spa employs an NSF International-certified, four-stage filtration process to remove all traces of these impurities from the water that is used in every stage of its various treatments. Additionally, only 100 per cent pure distilled water is used for facial steaming, and the alkaline drinking water that is served up to customers is full of antioxidants.

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It is the small little things that count. That is why we fuss over things that are often overlooked. True skincare is beyond skin-deep. How we live and what we are exposed to in our daily lives impacts the health of the skin.

—Calvin Ng, Managing Director, SK-II Boutique Spa

This specially purified water is also used to make the premium organic green teas that are specially curated for SK-II Boutique Spa by a tea sommelier in Japan. The tea’s powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties help the body to promote healthy and beauty from the inside-out.

We are focused on solutions. We don’t simply promise or guarantee results. Rather, we strive to be the authority on skincare, and we offer the best possible solutions to address every skincare concern…if we are unable to offer solutions internally, we’ll share our knowledge and refer our customers to dermatologists or doctors where necessary.

—Calvin Ng, Managing Director, SK-II Boutique Spa

The latest update to the spa’s suite of offerings, all of which are administered by skilled professionals who genuinely care about their customers, is the Senze Vitality Facial. Hot on the heels of the successful Senze EO+ Facial, which is based on traditional Western aromatherapy, the Senze Vitality Facial takes its inspiration from the East.

This TCM-based bojin technique promises to boost the body’s circulatory networks and stimulate important acupoints along the natural pathways that the body’s energy flows in. It’s not only absolutely relaxing, but also soothing and revitalising: if you try it, you can look forward to sporting an evened skin tone and a lustrous, youthful glow.

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What Customers Say About SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus

“Been with the spa for years. Simply love the place and the quality of the facials. The team goes beyond [the basic requirements] and provides a relationship with each client.”
—Bert Chew

“I always have a great experience on my monthly visits here for facials. The staff are very friendly, and the environment is very comfortable and warm. The treatments are detailed.”
—Sim Mui Hong

SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus is part of the Best of Singapore 2021 guide.


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