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Beauty The Best Skincare Tools That You Need To Have

The Best Skincare Tools That You Need To Have

The Best Skincare Tools That You Need To Have
By Mara Lagdamen
June 22, 2020
Achieve that coveted glow with these beauty devices that are worth investing in

Additional reporting by Andrea Saadan

From jade rollers to gua sha tools, there are countless of facial devices in the market that promise, healthier, and luminous skin. But which ones work best and are worth the extra effort? We've rounded up seven of the best facial tools that you should start incorporating in your skincare regimen to help you achieve that coveted glow.

(Image: LG Pra.L)
(Image: LG Pra.L)

1/7 LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask

Part of the highly raved LG Pra.L range, the Derma LED Mask utilises 160 infrared and red LED lights to rejuvenate your skin in just nine minutes. Red light therapy is also known for its anti-ageing properties—permeating into the subdermal skin layer, it helps to stimulate collagen production, as well as improve blood circulation and healing. The mask, which is designed with a silicone eye-shield and sensing detector to protect your eyes from the red light, is recommended to be used twice a week for visible results. 

Available at Tangs

2/7 Jade roller

A Chinese skincare tool and a cult beauty favourite, the jade roller, shows no sign of waning with it being the most popular facial tool in the market. It helps calm swelling and redness and improves blood circulation. It also leaves the skin feeling cool, relaxed, and radiant. Our favourite is Mount Lai's de-puffing jade roller—store it in the fridge after each use so to help improve the roller's cooling effect. The extra cool surface will further even out skin texture, tighten skin and boost your overall glow.

Available at Sephora

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3/7 Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar

Crafted in Japan, this sleek beauty device looks incredibly luxurious. Made out of 24-karat gold, this ultra-luxe tool mimics the effects of a toning facial massage with the use of vibration to tighten, tone, and lift the skin. And if you're not yet convinced, celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston swears by this tool as part of her beauty routine. 

Available at Cult Beauty

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(Image: Foreo)
(Image: Foreo)

4/7 Foreo Luna 2

Need a deeper cleanse during the week after frequent make-up use? This skincare device will give your skin what it needs—a healthier glow. What's great about Foreo's tools is that you don't have to worry about it being too harsh on the skin as their bristles are made of silicone, therefore it's really gentle. You can also control the strength and speed of your device so as to customise the type of cleansing that you want accordingly. 

Available at Foreo

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(Image: Nurse Jamie)
(Image: Nurse Jamie)

5/7 Nurse Jamie UpLift Massage Beauty Roller

This non-invasive anti-ageing tool leaves the skin energised, enhanced, and lifted with the use of precious tourmaline stones. It also helps improve the tone and texture of the skin, promoting a youthful-looking glow. Use it daily to achieve optimal results.

Available at Net-a-porter

(Image: Hayo'u)
(Image: Hayo'u)

6/7 Hayo'u Body Restorer

Get the benefits of an ancient Chinese medicine technique called the gua sha, with the use of the Hayo'u Body Restorer. It helps draw out deeply held tension and tightness in the muscles and breaks down toxins. It also increases lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, and can instil balance and comfort in your everyday life.

Available at Net-a-porter

(Image: Skin Inc)
(Image: Skin Inc)

7/7 Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++

Our beauty regimes can be the most therapeutic part of our days so if there's a device that can up the ante of our routine, we want in. Skin Inc's Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ is one such tool as you can enjoy the full spectrum of LED skincare from the comfort of your home. Switch up the LED light options, including red, blue, yellow and power combo lights orange and purple, to target different skin concerns. Apply a pea-sized amount of aloe vera gel or serum of choice and gently massage the device around your face. It will switch off automatically after 10 min of use. Use it before you begin your skincare ritual as it is an excellent way to boost the efficacy and absorption of ingredients from your products.

Available at Amazon


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