Fendi’s Funfair Collection Looks Good Enough To Eat


November 23, 2017 | BY Cheryl Chan

Expect quirky pieces like mink fur pom pom accessories and pop-coloured logos that will delight your sensibilities.

While it may only be November, it’s never too early to start planning your Christmas gifts, either for your loved ones or as a treat for yourself for behaving this year. Enter Fendi Funfair—a whimsical and exciting collection of fashion products created to add love and fun to your life.

To celebrate the holiday season, the brand has put together a colourful capsule collection that will bring forth the magic of the holiday season. Think signature bags like the Kan I and Mini Kan I as well as accessories in pastel hues like cotton candy pink and sky blue, with elegant and classic colourways like black taking on a fun twist with super colourful double F logos hand-painted and specially embossed all over to give the bag a sheen.


And it’s not just the accessories! Ready-to-wear gets the Funfair treatment too, with the logo printed on t-shirts and pants as well as pop-coloured studs emblazoned on maxi dresses and the back of jackets, creating a look that is deliciously cool.

But the pieces that have captured our hearts from this collection? The cute candy cone charms! These fluffy ice cream cones come in four different “flavours” and are made of mink and scalloped lace with studs, guaranteeing that you’ll want to scoop them all! See the collection below. 


The Fendi Funfair collection is now available in all Fendi boutiques.

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