Everything From Givenchy's Spring/Summer 2017 Make-Up Collection Is Goals


January 18, 2017 | BY AFP

Inky shades are in.


The Givenchy "Points d'Encrage" collection, illustrated by Marc-Antoine Coulon.

Color is on the agenda at Givenchy this spring, with a collection inspired by the nature and texture of ink, which can be used to mark bold lines or leave light washes of color. As a result, the "Points d'Encrage" collection features shades that may look bold and intense at first glance, but which leave a sheer, translucent hint of a shade when applied.

Blushing pink


"Highlighter Mémoire de Forme" N°01 Pink Ink

The brand's legendary "Mémoire de Forme" blush puts aside its original function and is reworked into a highlighter for this collection. With lightly tinted micro pearls for iridescence, this pink-tinged jelly is a perfect partner for strobing. It can be applied in touches to illuminate the complexion and highlight specific areas, or over the whole face for a fresh, healthy glow.

Matte skin


"Prisme Libre Travel" loose powder N°01 Mousseline Pastel

The brand is reinventing another of its classics this season with "Prisme Libre" landing in a "Travel" version. While the original formulation remains unchanged, this loose mattifying illuminating powder, suitable for all skin tones, gets a branded loop on top of the pot inspired by the Givenchy "Obsedia" accessories line. The loop is fixed to a small powder puff, in a design that resembles an ink stamp, nodding to the collection's main inspiration.

Feel the blues

"Encre A Cils" mascara top coat N°02 Blue Ink

Eyes go blue at Givenchy this spring with "Vinyl Liner," a shiny blue/black liner for precision application, and "Encre à Cils," an inky pearlescent blue mascara top coat, adding intensity to the color of the mascara underneath while accentuating the natural curve of eyelashes.

Go sheer

05_huilepourlev.10087161533.original.jpeg"Huile Irrésistible Pour Les Lèvres" lip oil N°01 Fuchsia Ink

Sheer color textures are also seen in "Huile Irrésistible Pour Les Lèvres," a translucent pink lip oil that leaves a watercolor wash of color while keeping lips hydrated.

And go dark

06_levernis_bd.d0026161744.original.jpeg"Le Vernis" nail polish N°31 Purple Ink

The limited-edition "Vernis Givenchy" nail polish lands in a translucent inky purple shade that can be used as a varnish or a top coat.