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Jewellery Discover the Joy of a Very Bespoke “I Do” With Les Precieux

Discover the Joy of a Very Bespoke “I Do” With Les Precieux

Discover the Joy of a Very Bespoke “I Do” With Les Precieux
By Sandhya Mahadevan
January 14, 2021
An engagement ring is a piece you will have with you forever—all the more reason to make it something that’s uniquely you

The unforgettable first meeting, the words and gestures that built the relationship, that emotional moment when a couple decides to make a lifetime of memories, and the ring that seals that promise.

Jewellery house Les Precieux knows the importance of celebrating these magical moments and keeping these unique and endearing stories alive. Hence its focus on bespoke engagement and celebration rings made from the most exclusive sapphires, gemstones and diamonds—which are all 100 per cent natural, untreated and unheated, and cut for maximum colour, clarity and brilliance.

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I just got engaged yesterday, and the engagement ring was so beautiful! It was everything that I wanted. Thankful for the wonderful service by Janice during our appointment! She was so patient with us, and was ready to answer all of our questions! She even suggested gemstones and settings for my finger size! I just want to say that I’m thoroughly impressed with the service and gems that Les Precieux has to offer! Thank you guys so much!

– Berlin Kayla Ng

The process of personalisation begins from the time you step in for your appointment at the elegant flagship store. With Les Precieux’s engagement ring designs available in contemporary, vintage and minimalist styles, you will find design samples to please every kind of aesthetic here. Once you decide on the colour, cut, style and design that is uniquely yours, the team sets about perfecting your ring design using the most cutting-edge jewellery making technology. This allows you to get an accurate visual of your ring long before it is physically constructed.

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Getting a bespoke engagement ring made at Les Precieux is anything but old-fashioned, nor is there any ambiguity as the gemstones in the jeweller’s collection come with reputable geological certifications. You won’t have to think about the environmental repercussions of your bespoke engagement ring either, as Les Precieux has, in recent times, moved its focus to lab-grown diamonds with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations. 

But what truly sets the luxury jeweller apart is its unmatched customer service — a team that is committed to making your experience a memorable one. No request is too difficult, nor is any design uncustomisable for the Les Precieux team. This approach has earned Les Precieux glowing online and media reviews and many a happy customer.

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If you’re looking to customise an engagement ring, this is your go-to place! They have a nice variety of gemstones available, from diamonds to emeralds and sapphires. They are very open for discussion on the designs, and will go the extra mile to come up with a ring design that you’ll love. Also, thank you to Janice for being so patient, accommodating and helpful. We really love our engagement ring!

– Eunice Lim


3 Things to Know When Buying a Bespoke Engagement Ring

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to bring your own ideas to the table when working with the jeweller on your preferred ring design. Some customers have even brought in family heirlooms to be incorporated into their bespoke engagement ring designs.

Start Early

Finding the perfect design, setting, stone and fit can take time, so plan ahead and seek out your jeweller in advance to ensure you have all the time you need to create the perfect ring.

Keep an Open Mind

You may already have your own ideas about the ring, but don’t be afraid to explore new options with the jeweller, as they may be able to elevate your initial idea with new technology, trendy patterns and more. 

Les Precieux is part of the Best of Singapore 2021 guide.


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