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Fashion What's In Ariel & Maverick Mok's Closets?

What's In Ariel & Maverick Mok's Closets?

Ariel and Maverick Mok
By Cheryl Chan
February 26, 2019
They may be a close-knit family but when it comes to their personal style, siblings Ariel and Maverick Mok are worlds apart

What is one of the best things about having a sibling? The unfiltered access to all of their possessions—with or without their permission. However, when it comes to Ariel and Maverick Mok, you’ll never catch either of them raiding the other’s wardrobe simply because their personal styles couldn’t be more different. 

“We rarely shop together, unless we’re out with the whole family,” says Maverick. “We don’t swap clothes because my style’s so much crazier than his!” quips Ariel. 
The offspring of hedge fund manager and property developer Henry Mok and his wife Stella credit their parents’ daring fashion sense for their sartorial interest. For 24-year-old Ariel, it began with her admiration for her mother’s former job as a fine jewellery designer. “Since design has always been a key element in my mother’s life, I was taught to notice the small details since young,” explains the advertising account executive. “Even when I started reading fashion magazines at the age of 12, I would notice how different silhouettes and colours could work well visually.”

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Ariel and Maverick Mok
Ariel and Maverick Mok

Older brother Maverick, on the other hand, needed a bit more of a push. “Fashion is something that’s still relatively new to me,” admits the 26-year-old. “I’ve been observing how my parents are admired for their style and I’m trying to be a bit more daring like my father, but I definitely gravitate towards more classic brands such as Dior Homme, Issey Miyake and Valentino.”

But on days where he wants to experiment, the business development manager draws influences from the hip-hop scene, citing Asian rappers such as Kris Wu and Jackson Wang as people whose styles he look up to. Even the jewellery he buys are from American label IF & Co, a brand popular with rap stars.

Maverick Mok
Maverick Mok

While Maverick’s style is simple, Ariel’s the complete opposite. “The designers that I admire all speak to my loud and extroverted personality. I love Demna Gvasalia, artistic director of Balenciaga and head designer of Vetements, and his satirical take on fashion. He can make the most ridiculous things—like platform Crocs—and they sell out! That takes a lot of skill.” For Ariel, conveying her individuality through her clothes is key. “Your style is one of the first impressions you give people, so I want to establish my dominant personality through mine.”

One thing that the siblings have in common? The sentimentality they have for the jewellery and watches that their parents and grandparents have handed down to them. “It means so much more when an item has been passed down from one generation to another,” says Ariel.
Maverick adds, “I have a Cartier Love bracelet from my mother and a few vintage Rolex watches from my grandfather that I wear regularly because they have so much sentimental value and history. The watches are about 60 years old—that’s even older than my father!”  

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Ariel Mok
Ariel Mok

Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the items in Maverick's and Ariel's closet ...

Maverick's Valentino sunglasses
Maverick’s Cartier bracelet
Maverick’s Audemars Piguet watch
Ariel’s Van Cleef & Arpels necklace
Ariel’s Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet
Ariel’s Van Cleef & Arpels necklace
Ariel’s Cartier watch
Maverick’s Louis Vuitton belt
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