Meet Delvaux's Mini Bags, The Les Miniatures Belgitude


September 2, 2017 | BY Cheryl Chan

A Delvaux bag for every day of the week.

If good things come in small packages then Delvaux’s Les Miniatures Belgitude collection is all things amazing. The world’s oldest leather goods house has created new miniature versions of the iconic Brilliant Belgitude bag with a collection that celebrates the brand’s Belgian roots.


While the Brilliant Mini may not be a new item, it is only available for a limited time only. With seven bags available for purchase, each Miniature Belgitude has a personality and story of its own, and represents a different city in Belgium–capturing the spirit of the brand and the country it originates in. Think: wittily designed bags inspired by everything from Belgium’s famed waffles to a bag that pays homage to the avant-garde fashion alumni of the Royal Academy of Art, the Antwerp Six.

See all the quirky designs below.