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Jewellery Disney's ‘Cruella’: The De Beers Diamond Jewellery Pieces We're Lusting Over

Disney's ‘Cruella’: The De Beers Diamond Jewellery Pieces We're Lusting Over

Here are all the jewellery pieces in Cruella
Baroness Von Hellman wears De Beers diamond jewellery pieces in Disney's ‘Cruella’. Photo: Courtesy of Disney
By Jianne Soriano
By Jianne Soriano
May 28, 2021
Disney's ‘Cruella’ features a variety of De Beers' signature high jewellery designs worn by fashion icon Baroness Von Hellman

We can expect stylish looks from Disney's Cruella, but we should should also be keeping our eyes peeled for the live-action movie's equally dazzling jewellery pieces.

Cruella follows the rebellious early days of Cruella de Vil or as she's originally named, Estella de Vil (Emma Stone), one of the most notoriously fashionable and well-known villains, as she aspires to become a fashion designer.

Eventually, Estella becomes interested in fashion icon Baroness Von Hellman (Emma Thompson). The movie will be set amongst the backdrop of 1970s London with an appropriately punk rock soundtrack and fashion-forward attitude. A variety of De Beers high jewellery designs, worn by Baronness Von Hellman will make an appearance throughout the movie.

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Da Beers jewellery piece in Cruella
The jewellery pieces in Cruella we're lusting after
Emma Thompson jewellery in Cruella
All the jewellery pieces in Disney's Cruella

These jewellery pieces include the five-line necklace and three-line earrings in white gold from the Arpeggia collection which is inspired by Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. The collection arranges round brilliant-cut diamonds on cascading lines of micropavé, like the notes of the score.

Additional pieces captured on-screen include the Diamond Legends by De Beers Cupid necklace, a modern take on the brand's signature collection. It features two symmetrical lines of princess-cut diamonds that form the body of the necklace, framed by a row of marquise-shaped diamonds—together the form mirrors Cupid's feathered wings.

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Baroness Von Hellman (Emma Thompson) wears Da Beers jewellery pieces in Cruella
Here are all the jewellery pieces in Cruella
Disney's Cruella fashion and jewellery
What we should know about Disney's Cruella

The Swan Lake necklace in white and yellow gold will also make an appearance; it pays tribute to the beauty of Tchaikovsky’s ballet while the Assana necklace shines elegantly around the Baroness' neck.

"The Baroness needed serious accessories to match her style of dressing, so it was wonderful to use the elegance of De Beers diamonds to complement her red-carpet outfits," says two-time Academy Award-winning costume designer, Jenny Beaven.

Looking forward to seeing the Baroness flaunt these jewellery pieces? Disney's Cruella is showing in theatres now.

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Watch the official trailer for "Cruella"


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