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Jewellery Damiani Masterpieces Collection — An Ode to Nature

Damiani Masterpieces Collection — An Ode to Nature

Damiani Masterpieces Collection — An Ode to Nature
By Karishma Tulsidas
April 14, 2016

Whether your heart flutters for lilies or mimosas, embrace the array of flora and fauna from the Damiani Masterpieces collection.

damiani main.jpgJewels from the Damiani Masterpieces Animalia and Peacock lines.

With mother nature as its muse and a litany of coloured stones its paintbrush, Damiani crafts a magnificent canvas of bejewelled animals and flowers for its Masterpieces collection. It is the highest expression of the Italian maison’s savoir faire; with a sobriquet like Masterpieces, one would expect nothing less. The craftsmen at Damiani’s cradle in Valenza approach the designs with the eye of an artist and the precision of an artisan: these are goldsmiths that have mastered the arduous skills of jewellery making and have honed a critical eye for beauty.
The latest Masterpieces collection is an ode to nature, an inspiration with infinite possibilities. Within its portfolio is the Animalia range, where a menagerie of animals, including a gecko, cat and owl, dazzle with fancy-coloured diamonds. Quirky and whimsical, the high jewellery animals are not meant to be caged up in the recesses of your vault: they stretch their legs and wings on brightly hued galuchat bracelets or brooches.   

Jewels from the Damiani Masterpieces Giglio.jpg

Jewels from the Damiani Masterpieces Giglio line.

While still inherently playful, the Peacock suite is a nod to abstract art. There are no iridescent gemstones or coloured diamonds to mimic the splendid plumage of the peacock. In an unexpected move, Damiani renders the entire creation in an array of white diamonds; the only allusion to the majestic bird is the elongated teardrop shape resembling its individual tail feathers.  
Damiani stays true to its Italian heritage with an abundance of colour within the Giglio and Mimosa Arlecchino lines. Giglio, meaning lily in Italian, is interpreted in a joyful fashion with a medley of stones. The 92-year-old jewellery maison proves its mastery of the craft as it harmoniously blends colours and gradients to mimic the undulating form of the six petals, accentuated by vibrant stamens.  
Meanwhile, the Mimosa Arlecchino recalls leisurely sojourns in Côte d’Azur. Here, the flower is rendered in tsavorites, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds, and is reminiscent of baroque art thanks to its scale and theatrical use of bejewelled tones. Cocktail rings add drama to an outfit, while ear cuffs are contemporary interpretations.

Damiani2.jpgJewels from the Damiani Masterpieces Mimosa Arlecchino line.

Masterpieces is yet another feather in Damiani’s cap, with subtle links to art that are simultaneously literal and allegorical; Italy’s greatest masters would be proud.


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