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JewelleryChaumet's New Campaign Captures Fleeting Fairytale Moments

Chaumet's New Campaign Captures Fleeting Fairytale Moments

Chaumet's New Campaign Captures Fleeting Fairytale Moments
By Nicolette Wong
March 09, 2018
Hold my glass slipper.

Chaumet has always been a maison that highlights femininity and grace, with a touch of whimsy—after all, this is the house that created tiaras for Empress Joséphine, Napoleon's wife. And just as Joséphine brought softness and light into Napoleon's militaristically stiff court, Chaumet is inserting playfullness into its latest campaigns.

The three campaign images each evoke a different moment in a royal's life—but with a twist. The main campaign image, for instance, features one of the brand's exquisite tiaras, but instead of the tiara being worn facing the front, it is instead used to adorn the model's braids, facing the back. The tiara and the lady wearing it are no less stunning, but the image presents a different way in which we can appreciate the gorgeous jewels.

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If a tiara isn't for you, why not try wearing the brand's rings over a white glove? Worn by female royals in both fairy tales and in reality (just ask Queen Elizabeth II), the white gloves would have been a common sight, adorning royals' hands as they wave out the window of their carriages. In this image, however, Chaumet has added some sapphire rings as additional accessories, never seen worn outside a white glove. The contrast of the deep blue against the white makes for a striking picture.

The third and final image is of Cinderella running away from the ball–or well, it could have been. The model's feet are dressed in glass slippers, and her ankle is adorned with a single diamond anklet. The humour here is that Chaumet doesn't make anklets, just bracelets. But hey, if you're a princess, you can wear your jewellery however you want.

The campaign images largely use sapphires to complement the white diamonds, but just in case sapphires aren't your favourite gemstone, Chaumet also has a number of ruby jewels to offer. Its new Joséphine Aigrette Imperiale collection features tiaras, necklaces, earrings, and supple bracelets in Chaumet's typical feminine style. The rubies are a deep red, each certified as being either "vivid red" or the highly coveted "pigeon's blood" red. Click through the slideshow below to view the new collection.

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