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Jewellery Chaumet’s Bespoke Service Invites Couples To Personalise Their Engagement Rings

Chaumet’s Bespoke Service Invites Couples To Personalise Their Engagement Rings

Chaumet’s Bespoke Service Invites Couples To Personalise Their Engagement Rings
By Chloe Pek
October 23, 2019
Tatler Focus
No two romances are the same, and neither should your diamond rings

Inspired by Napoléon’s love for his first wife Joséphine, romance is at the heart of Parisian jeweller Chaumet. The founder himself, Marie-Étienne Nitot, was the court jeweller to Emperor Napoléon and Empress Joséphine, creating their coronation headdresses and the wedding jewels for their marriage. More than two centuries on, Joséphine has continued to be a perennial muse to the Maison, and also the namesake of one of their signature collections. Today, Chaumet invites you to crown the love of your life as Napoléon did Joséphine.

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And because every love story is unique, the Maison is celebrating love in all forms with its bespoke service. Crown Your Love offers engaged couples the creative freedom to personalise their rings, from the style of a solitaire to the cut and weight of their stone.

With two new solitaire designs to choose from, the service now offers a total of 11 rings types, four cuts of stone, and between 0.3 to 1.7 carats to choose from (diamonds above 1.2 carats will have to be from the Frisson collection). Even better—each design can be matched to a wedding ring so you can layer your looks, like how Joséphine is known to style her jewellery.

We take a look at some of the styles you can select from the Joséphine collection.

Joséphine Splendeur Impériale

Truly a statement creation, the Splendeur Impériale solitaire combines two jewellery icons—the silhouette of the tiara ring, with the centrepiece of a brilliant-cut diamond. Directly translated to mean Imperial Splendour, it is both majestic and feminine, evoking Joséphine’s pomp of parures.

Joséphine Éclat d’Éternité

With a pared-down and classic design, the Éclat d’Éternité reflects Joséphine’s preference for lighter and airier tiaras. A brilliant-cut diamond is set with the Maison's signature fil couteau technique, using knife-edge threads that make the stone appear like it is almost floating.

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Joséphine Aigrette Impériale

Inspired by Joséphine’s love for wearing aigrettes, the Aigrette Impériale features a pear-shaped stone in its centre, surrounded by a cascade of diamonds that mimic the spray of feathers. The signature V-shape design of Chaumet’s Aigrette solitaire is also incorporated for a ring that spells grace and character.


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