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Watches5 Ways The Chanel Boy.Friend Will Change Your Life

5 Ways The Chanel Boy.Friend Will Change Your Life

5 Ways The Chanel Boy.Friend Will Change Your Life
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
June 27, 2017

Does this already sound familiar? 


Love. The unyielding emotion that stirs passion and obsession. Some might say it conquers all, but one thing is for sure—it consumes you. How does it all begin? What is that first spark that starts the fire? We went back to the beginning of the love affair with the Chanel Boy.Friend.


 Finding the right Boy.Friend

Sometimes you have to go through a million mediocre options to meet the one that is meant to be. The Chanel Boy.Friend watch arrived fresh on the scene in 2015 with a bold personality under a classic exterior. Within, an alluring blend of opposites awaited: boldness and restraint; masculine and feminine—boldly reflecting the essence and aesthetics of Gabrielle Chanel.

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Chanel Gif - Text.gif

Plans with the Boy.Friend 

The boyfriend jeans, the boyfriend shirt… and it all started with Gabrielle Chanel, who was a huge believer of borrowing from the boys. Women first wore trousers as they took on traditionally male jobs during the war. Later Gabrielle made it fashion-forward when she wore pants (and raised eyebrows) at the society beach resort of Deauville. Similar in spirit, the Boy.Friend watch imbues codes from masculine watches, in turn creating a classic with a twist.

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 Boy.Friend #OOTD

When you find the perfect match, simply love fearlessly. Spend all your time together, go everywhere in pairs. Besides, the Boy.Friend’s elegance and modernity makes it the ideal plus one 24/7. Grab a latte or head out together for a black-tie gala. Take it for a drive or escape to the City of Lights. You’re stuck at the… wrist. 

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Chanel Gif - Messages.gif

If I was your Boy.Friend

Gabrielle piled on real and costume jewellery effortlessly, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. In 2016, Chanel presented the Boy.Friend Tweed watch, throwing a spotlight on the iconic code of the House. But tweed was incorporated as a metal: the motif was engraved on the watch bracelet made out of woven steel threads. Nothing is what it seems, when it comes to Chanel.

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Instagram Boy.Friend 

Diamonds? Beige Gold? Tweed? Just when you thought that the possibilities are endless; you’ve got every option you need, the Boy.Friend Tweed watch is reworked in a Black Tweed motif on the metal strap this year—and it’s ready to sweep you off your feet. Who needs roses? 

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Art Direction Matilda Au  

Illustration Sharon Yang  


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