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Fashion Tatler 10: Burberry Spring/Summer 2020 Collection Has Dropped in Stores

Tatler 10: Burberry Spring/Summer 2020 Collection Has Dropped in Stores

Tatler 10: Burberry Spring/Summer 2020 Collection Has Dropped in Stores
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
March 06, 2020
Riccardo Tisci has created pieces that you’ll return to, again and again

As Burberry's chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci hits a stride in his role at the storied British house, one starts to spot numerous Tisci signatures sent down the runway.

While trenchcoats and plaid tailoring are the cornerstones of Burberry (and forever classics, amen), it’s the Italian designer’s youthful sexy-street ensembles that really get us excited to shop right now as the spring/summer 2020 collection drops in stores and online.

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The accessories were unforgettable too: oversized sequins (or paillettes) the size of your palm hung from ankles and ears while bold bonnet hats sat atop both male and female models. The headwear was reminiscent of The Handmaid’s Tale, but we hear Tisci didn’t reference it. These playful accessories were juxtaposed against practical, modern bags on the runway.

Ready to shop? Here are 10 of my favourites from the collection: 


1/10 Small check nylon Lola bag

Plaid nylon is brilliant: it's an easy pattern that goes with everything, and the fabric basically needs no maintenance. This Lola bag is lined with lambskin and strapped up in a hefty chunky chain. Adorable and timeless.

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2/10 Mini logo canvas and leather Pocket bag

Have you met the collection's stand-out bag? It takes inspiration from an archival piece and features the Burberry logo graphic stamped on the front pocket of the canvas bag. There are various sizes—we love this mini one that looks best slung across the body.

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3/10 Split-toe leather sandals


Adore absolutely everything about this shoe. Firstly, it’s in classic black, but with a twist. Next, the distinctive split toe sole. And seriously? The oversized palladium-plated paillette is just everything. Run out to buy this RN.

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4/10 Cotton reconstructed car coat

A lust-worthy coat. The reconstructed car coat in cotton twill has black rib-knit sleeve panels that are inspired by Victorian corsetry. Velcro-tab cuffs, a detachable drawcord hood and its pockets give this piece of outerwear utilitarian sensibilities but the Riccardo touch gives it streetwear cred.

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5/10 Chain-link earrings with enamel sculpted hand charm

Wear art on your lobes. It looks beautiful from far, but when you get up close, the hand-painted enamel hands holding a gem feels a bit subversive—how cool! 

What makes it even more special? This is an exclusive piece to the Burberry boutique at Ion Orchard

6/10 Leather Anne bag

Who needs a chic, ultra-practical bag where you can bring everything out, yeah including the kitchen sink. Its skinny profile makes it look sleek as hell—even as you lug your life around—while the equestrian-inspired leather tab recalls the brand’s British heritage. This could be your next everyday bag.

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7/10 Cut-out hem striped cotton poplin shirt

Riccardo Tisci has an insane gift for elevating sportswear: this striped cotton shirt is going to be a classic in your wardrobe forever. The bodysuit-inspired hem and puff sleeves that remind one of American football are just brilliant.

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8/10 Gingham cotton and leather Webb sneakers

A shoe is genius when it is both out-of-the-ordinary, and just simply so wearable—this menswear sneaker hits homerun with an amalgamation of a sneaker under a Birkenstock strap frame.

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9/10 Large monkey print leather Grace bag

Inspired by a vintage illustration, this digitally-printed monkey picture is a great juxtaposition against the smooth, boxy bag structure. Wear it both as a clutch or a shoulder bag. Work with monkeys? Well then… here you go.

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10/10 Cotton gabardine step-through trench coat

These cut-out pieces from the Burberry spring/summer collection are mind-boggling when you see them hanging on the rack. Here’s how you wear it: Step into this cotton gabardine trench coat’s circular cut-out… and you're done. 

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