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Jewellery Bulgari's New Diva Collection Is The Stuff Of Dreams

Bulgari's New Diva Collection Is The Stuff Of Dreams

Bulgari's New Diva Collection Is The Stuff Of Dreams
By Nicolette Wong
December 19, 2017
We're big fans.

During the reign of the far-reaching Roman Empire, people came from far and wide to patronise the majestic Roman baths. The fan-shaped mosaics that decorated the baths were crafted from precious natural stones gathered from all over the European continent, including grey granite from Egypt, yellow marble from Numidia (in present-day Algeria), green-veined marble from Carystus (in present-day Greece) and green and purple porphry from Sparta and Egypt.

Today, those colourful fan-shaped mosaics find their contemporaries in Bulgari's Diva collection, which transforms the curvaceous fans into precious jewellery, crafted from gold and colourful gems sourced from all over the world. Think of white diamonds, blue-green aquamarine, pink tourmaline, warm red-orange carnelian, purple amethyst, and blue lapis lazuli. Every year, Bulgari adds to the collection, which also draws from the sensuality and vibrancy of the cinematic divas in the Cinecittà and Dolce Vita eras. This year, the addition to the Diva collection is called the Diva's Dream. We like to imagine that it's because some of those Dolce Vita divas could only dream of these stunning gems.


The Diva's Dream collection uses the same fan-shaped motif to create jewellery that is visually lighter and more delicate than the original Diva line. The pieces all have some form of openwork that contributes to that feeling of lightness, and most have portions that are free to swing and move with the wearer. This feeling of lightness means that even the largest pieces don't feel overly ostentatious—good news for the divas among us who love their daytime bling.

We've always been fans of the Diva collection, and the new Diva's Dream line definitely leaves us starry-eyed. Plus, because the collection has both simple and more complex pieces, you can be the best-dressed diva at any event.


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