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Beauty Bulgari's Newest Fragrance Is A Tribute To Beautiful Roman Nights

Bulgari's Newest Fragrance Is A Tribute To Beautiful Roman Nights

Bulgari's Newest Fragrance Is A Tribute To Beautiful Roman Nights
By Elizabeth Lee
October 09, 2017

What makes a perfume irresistible? We asks Alberto Morillas, the nose behind Bulgari Goldea, The Roman Night.

Inspired by the eternal city, Bulgari’s newest fragrance, Goldea, The Roman Night, is a powerful and intense floral-musky tribute to steamy nights promising adventure.

Like its predecessors, the latest addition to the Goldea range takes inspiration from a golden goddess who embodies the spirit and grandeur of Rome under the stars.

We meet Alberto Morillas, the man behind the fragrance,  in the enchanting city to find out more.

What do you think of, when you think about night? 
Alberto Morillas (AM) The night is beautiful, it’s relaxing, the moment that you dream, and when the stars come out—it’s everything. But these are things and feelings you can feel and see but never touch, so it’s great to have a perfume that smells different in the night.  

After decades working in perfumery, do you have a favourite memory?
I love to work in my home. To me, memories are very important, and many of my best memories are of Rome. 

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Rome in three words…
Firstly, history; then power; and then, the Romans. Rome is magical; you have small streets and every five minutes, you discover something new. You get to see many different facets of the city in a day. It may be a little bit dirty, a bit disorganised, but it’s a charming city. 

Why is musk one of your favourite ingredients to work with?
I don’t just love one type of musk, I work with up to 10 different types. Some are very woody, while others are fruity. The one I used in Goldea, The Roman Night is a new musk—a black musk that’s very intense, very feminine, and this is my favourite as it changes when worn on the skin. Musk is like the sun; when you have the sun, you have energy.

Bella Hadid fronts the campaign for this fragrance. Would you say it was created for young women?
AM It’s not about age. Having a youthful spirit is more important. For example, I may be old but I have a young spirit. Everybody is young and everybody is old. This scent embodies happiness, the feeling you have when you are getting ready to go out on a Friday night. 

What is the hardest part about creating a fragrance?
The most important things I need to have when I start are emotion and inspiration. I don’t think about the past, I think in the moment. It’s very important to know it’s a new day. I love the morning, especially when it’s very early and the air is fresh. I always feel a bit nostalgic when the sun sets. 

And the most rewarding?
When it’s finished!  

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