Bright Beginnings


May 11, 2015 | BY Natalie Lee

When it comes to glowing, healthy skin, Jamie Chua has got the perfect answer to that: her debut skincare range, Luminous1.

As if Jamie Chua’s life isn’t already busy enough, juggling her career in fashion and life as a mother of two teenagers by day, then her hectic social schedule come evening, she’s somehow found the time to launch her own skincare line, Luminous1.

Her skin literally glowing when we met over lunch to find out more about her first foray into the beauty world, Jamie confessed to being quite the skincare buff, and how, since only a select few products could meet her exacting standards, it seemed only a natural step to create her own line.

Wanting only the best, Jamie engaged industry experts across Switzerland, France and the USA for ingredient sourcing and manufacturing of the skincare range. The products are made from the finest plant and fruit extracts, including some of Jamie’s favoured skincare ingredients – like tomato stem cells which can be found in The Elixir, a lightly scented serum also packed with multi-vitamin extracts to lighten skin imperfections. Collagen, her other go-to ingredient went into masks, while the anti-irritant chemical allantoin was also thoughtfully added, so even sensitive skin types are able to reap the mask’s benefits. 

For daily use, the range has got the versatile Luxe Cream – light enough for sunny Singapore, yet able to be layered to keep skin fully moisturised in cold climates. Then there’s the Skin Polisher, with exfoliating beads so fine that the gel is gentle enough even for our under eye area.

Her star product though is the three-step Mini Facelift. Start by patting the Cell Renewal Essence fully into skin, then mix one part of the Cell Activator Gel with two parts of the Cell Activator Cream and blend in. Giving an instant tightening sensation, this quick regime lifts skin and tightens the pores, making this a great beauty saver on days when you need to look good in a hurry.

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