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Beauty From Refa to Foreo: 5 Best Beauty Tech Gadgets Curated by Makeup Artist Larry Yeo

From Refa to Foreo: 5 Best Beauty Tech Gadgets Curated by Makeup Artist Larry Yeo

From Refa to Foreo: 5 Best Beauty Tech Gadgets Curated by Makeup Artist Larry Yeo
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
March 30, 2021
Makeup artist and beauty educator Larry Yeo chats about how you can tech up your skincare routine with the best beauty non-invasive devices available to lift, massage and make your skincare routine work harder

Makeup artist and beauty educator Larry Yeo chats with me about how you can tech up your skincare routine with the best beauty non-invasive tech devices, massaging tools, and microcurrent and LED gadgets, including the Foreo Luna cleansing brush and massager, LG Pra.L Galvanic Ion Booster and Derma LED Mask, Refa Caxa Ray face roller and Nurse Jamie Eyeonix eye massaging tool.

He answers all your questions: how to use the devices, how to make your beauty products work harder, and the science behind each recommendation. 


1/5 Foreo Luna 3

The Swedish beauty gadget Foreo Luna 3 has become the de facto face cleansing brush and massager for all beauty lovers. With its soft silicone and gentle high-tech T-Sonic pulsations, one minute of use a day removes 99.5 per cent of dirt and makeup off your face. It barely needs charging too—you can get 650 uses from it in one lifetime.

What many do not know is the Foreo phone app has different massage programmes built in, and Yeo shows the lip area massage routine using Foreo Serum Serum Serum.

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2/5 LG Pra.L Galvanic Ion Booster

LG’s highly popular Pra.L range was included in this line-up too—starting with the Galvanic Ion Booster, which has two modes: cleansing and boosting, and both take just three minutes. Like a magnet, the Galvanic Ion Booster repels and attracts. Impurities under skin have a negative charge, and so do skincare products. The Galvanic Ion Booster uses this to its advantage. 

The cleansing mode is best used with a gel or water-based mask, and the Galvanic Ion Booster emits a positive ion to extract all impurities from the skin. In boost mode, the negative charge pushes skincare deeper in, and in this case, we used it together with La Mer The Concentrate.

La Mer The Concentrate—often called the “skincare saviour”—smoothes, strengthens and stabilises even the most delicate skin, as it contains a super-concentrated form of Miracle Broth.

It’s a restorative treatment that calms signs of inflammation, activates skin renewal, and prevents visible signs of ageing.

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3/5 LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask

The star product of the LG Pra.L range, the Derma LED Mask utilises 160 infrared and red LED lights, which penetrates the skin at different depths to uncover your skin’s natural glow. Each session lasts nine minutes, and one is encouraged to use it at least twice a week, preferably with bare, clean skin.

The mask has Daft Punk vibes (RIP Daft Punk) with its smooth reflective surface and black eye strip. Behind, you’ll find a silicone eye-shield and sensing detector that helps to protect your eyes from the red light, deactivating when the mask is removed, even during a session. 

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4/5 Refa Caxa Ray

This is the mother of all face rollers: this multipurpose tool can sculpt, scoop, kneed and reduce puffiness. It also encourages lymphatic drainage when used on the neck, as you would with a gua sha, except the Caxa Ray is easier to grasp and roll along, thanks to its moving spheres.

The waterproof, platinum-coated tool is safe to use in the bathtub, shower or jacuzzi and it also has a solar panel that creates a gentle microcurrent without the use of batteries.

We used it with the ReFa Expression Glossy Cream—a moisturiser specially formulated for use with the Caxa.

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5/5 Nurse Jamie Eyeonix Eye Massaging Tool

This tool is a Hollywood favourite with a vibration tech to reduce puffiness, crows feet and lines. It’s great for puffy eyes, when you’ve have too many late nights or a high-salt diet. It’s a powerful, compact eye massaging beauty tool with high frequency vibration to help massage and tighten the delicate skin under and around the eyes.


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