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Beauty Beauty Talk: Chris Hemsworth On Superheroes And Being The Face Of Hugo Boss

Beauty Talk: Chris Hemsworth On Superheroes And Being The Face Of Hugo Boss

Beauty Talk: Chris Hemsworth On Superheroes And Being The Face Of Hugo Boss
By Nicolette Wong
December 22, 2017
Chris Hemsworth is the epitome of a Hollywood hunk. His starring role as Thor on the silver screen has cemented his place in popular culture, but his latest role as Hugo Boss’ Man of Today goes beyond just good looks.

Why did you choose to partner Hugo Boss?
Chris Hemsworth (CH) 
Boss Bottled is an iconic fragrance by a brand that’s been around for many, many years. So to front the campaign and represent the Man of Today is a huge honour. I believe that success is about living a life full of integrity, honesty and compassion, and not about the material objects we acquire. So I really identify with the campaign and the values it stands for. It’s how I like to live my life. 

What is your favourite scent memory?
CH I love surfboard wax, coconut sunscreen and the ocean. I spent a lot of time surfing in the ocean as a kid and those particular smells take me right back to that time and some of my happiest memories.

What is the one grooming product you cannot live without? 
CH It’s all about prevention, so a good sunscreen. I spend a lot of time surfing and the salt water and sun can be quite tough on my skin.

What superpower would you choose? 
CH I think my superpower would be time travel. I am fascinated with seeing where we came from, where we have been, and where we are headed to.

If you were a real superhero, what would you change about this world?  
CH If I were a real superhero, I’d create a general shift in our attitudes and how we relate to one another. I’d get people to slow down, have fun, and enjoy life. I think you just have to enjoy what’s going on at this present moment, rather than racing forward constantly or thinking too far ahead. 

How heavy is the Thor hammer really?  
CH There are a few versions of the Thor hammer, including a heavy one and a sort of “walk and talk” version, which is still quite heavy. Then there’s the action one, which is a safer version and made of a different material.

Are you afraid of anything? 
CH Since becoming a parent, I’m afraid of anything that threatens my children’s well-being and I constantly worry about them. But that worry also drives me to achieve things for them and make sure my family is happy and secure. 

You have already accomplished a lot as an actor. Do you have other professional goals?
I would love to direct. It’s a very daunting process to embark upon because it means you’d be in charge of this team and orchestrate all of the elements. But I’d love to do it one day.  


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