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Beauty What's Alchemetics? Noesa's Ingredients can Sound Complex but its Skincare Range isn't

What's Alchemetics? Noesa's Ingredients can Sound Complex but its Skincare Range isn't

What's Alchemetics? Noesa's Ingredients can Sound Complex but its Skincare Range isn't
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
April 07, 2020
And there's no complicated way to apply the German beauty brand's products, including the Total Repair range

Laser treatments, chemical peels and invasive aesthetic procedures can affect the quality of your skin, leaving it more sensitive than it was before.

This is where Noesa, which has pioneered the concept of cell care instead of skincare, can help. The German beauty brand’s Total Repair range is specifically made for fragile skin that has just gone through medical cosmetology.

“10 years ago, I was eager to improve my complexion, so I decided to go for numerous invasive aesthetic treatments. Unexpectedly, my skin became more sensitive and susceptible to skin allergies and redness. It also became drier,” shares Taiwanese entrepreneur, Rita Tien.

“During that period, I used a highly-recommended facial cream but it did not improve my skin condition. Then I found Noesa by chance and started using its Total Repair range. I was doubtful at first but after two weeks, my skin started to repair itself. After two months, dryness and redness subsided, and my skin allergies were considerably reduced.”

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Since then, Tien became a passionate advocate of the brand so much so that she secured the distributorship for Singapore. Early this year, she opened the city’s first Noesa boutique, a striking, minimalist space at Raffles Arcade.

“I consulted Noesa founder [psychotherapist and futurologist] Gerd Gerken and he explained how the brand’s key invention, Danadem, can enable Alchemetics to penetrate deep into the epidermal cells of the skin, thus stimulating cell renewal.” Danadem is composed of many thin film layers similar to the skin structure, and according to studies, it is the best carrier of Alchemetics, the biophotonic energy substances extracted by Noesa.

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Noesa founder Gerd Gerken

A unique low-key distillation process is used to manually extract biophotons from plants. They then undergo exclusive programming, sorting, and recombination technologies, making them into Alchemetics. This way, Danadem can effectively send Alchemetics to the skin cells, enabling them to self-repair.

“While other skincare products smoothen and soften skin, I realised after using Noesa that the foundation for improving skin quality is to reinforce its defence mechanism,” explains Tien.

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Alchemetics is found in all the three products within the Total Repair range. It’s a simple process for day and night, to be used after your own toner or the brand’s Skin Hyper Idealizer.

Use the serum and lotion in the morning, and all three products before bed. There is no complicated way to apply the product: simply massage it into your skin. The all-natural formulations are not scented, making it comfortable for users who can be especially sensitive to certain scents. Both the serum and lotion are lightweight and absorbed into the skin quickly. The mask, which isn’t meant to be washed off, is a light formulation that is applied on, feels like it is barely there, until rinsed off the following morning.

Tien elaborates: “My skin’s defence mechanism against the external environment has been reinforced thanks to the Total Repair range. The products’ nutrients can now reach the bottom layer of my skin more effectively. This gives the cells vitality and improves my skin further.”

Noesa | 328 North Bridge Road, #01-23 Raffles Arcade | 9754 6967


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