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Beauty How Does Astrie Sunindar-Ratner Transition Between Family And Work?

How Does Astrie Sunindar-Ratner Transition Between Family And Work?

How Does Astrie Sunindar-Ratner Transition Between Family And Work?
By Chloe Pek
October 29, 2019
Tatler Focus
The founder of Beauty Candy and mother-of-three shares how she finds time for herself through the day

Astrie Sunindar-Ratner leads a fast-paced life. Between managing Beauty Candy—which she founded in 2013—and taking care of her three children, the 39-year-old has been working on an exciting new project on etiquette and savoir-faire. As we sat down with her one afternoon, Astrie shared that she has a meeting scheduled after our chat, and a flight out of Singapore the next morning.

“I’ve been so busy that when I saw my facial therapist the other day, she laughed—because the last time I saw her was a year ago,” she quipped.

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And yet, Astrie looked completely put-together.

“For me, taking time out for relaxation is everything. We don’t realise it but we take in so much every day and we get frustrated and angry with things. Having some time to myself before bed, or even during the day really helps,” she said.

Her formula for relaxation? A cup of tea, something soothing to listen to, essential oils, and nine minutes on the LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask.


“It’s so convenient and versatile, I love using it before the kids get home from school as my own personal spa session during the day or as I relax before bedtime,” Astrie shared.

“It’s amazing what just nine minutes of pure me-time can do for the mind when you have three kids, not to mention my complexion. My skin is glowing and my pores have tightened!”

Part of LG’s latest Pra.L range of personal beauty care devices, the Derma LED Mask uses LED light therapy for a non-invasive beauty solution between your facial spa treatments. The 160 LEDs of red and infrared lights in the mask penetrates the skin at different depths to improve circulation and stimulate collagen production for a radiant and supple complexion.

A beauty aficionado, Astrie also enjoys using the LG Pra.L’s Dual Cleanser and Galvanic Ion Booster in her daily routine for an extra boost.

“I’m going to be 40 next year, and I have a lot of pigmentation, so I really have to start taking care of my skin. I absolutely love the whole range because each device doesn’t take very long but they are all visibly effective,” she enthused.

“The best part is that I can also use them while travelling so my beauty routines don’t get disrupted just because I am away. I call the range my travelling spa companion.”

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