Anita Kapoor Is Fearless About Aging. Here’s The Secret Behind It.


July 18, 2017 | BY Melissa De Silva

The Instagram-loving TV host isn't embarrassed about her age (46, FYI) or presbyopia. And neither should you.



Every morning is a chance “to get it right” for Anita Kapoor. “I like to feel centred,” says the Habitat for Humanity ambassador. And snoozing isn't part of that. “Once I’m up, I’m up,” she says. After a shower, her simple skincare routine is:

  1. Cleanse

  2. Tone

  3. Boost with serum

  4. Moisturise

“I don't like complicated routines. Less is more!” 

How She Looks Her Best

Part of her morning routine is also putting on her contact lenses. “I have presbyopia. I didn't realise I had it, when I discovered it when I was 40. I was in a little denial. I didn’t expect presbyopia to happen to me.”

Presbyopia is an eye condition that happens when elasticity of the eye’s lens becomes stiffer as you age, so it’s harder for the eye to focus things at a near distance, like the menu or phone screens. Everyone eventually gets presbyopia, even those with previously perfect eyesight. Common symptoms are difficulty reading small font sizes and holding pages of text an arm’s length away for focus.

Anita initially wore progressive spectacles but then she found out about Acuvue’s contact lenses for presbyopia. “I enjoy wearing them,” she says, about the 1-Day Acuvue Moist Brand Multifocal, which offer UV protection and comfort that last for 20 hours. These lenses are designed to provide presbyopes with clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances.

“They've definitely simplified my life, on stage especially. I do alternate between lenses and glasses depending on my lifestyle needs.”

How She Boosts Her Brain 

To do this, she always has breakfast. Food allergies, such as to gluten, mean she makes it a point to eat clean. “I might have eggs, avocados, occasionally some fruit like a banana or a dose of peanut butter, and black tea, which is my drug.”

How She Makes the Best of Every Stage in Life

“I’m 46,” says Anita. “Age doesn't mean anything to me. I don't think about my age, just my journey and how it changes.” She describes her current stage of life now as one of  “learning and re-learning.”  “I am re-learning things about myself and other people, lessons I thought I had already taught myself. It comes down to human relationships. I am at a phase of life where I feel I can do anything I want, including new things. I find we live in an ageist society. Age doesn't reverberate with me as much as experiences, to grow in self-awareness.”

About a month and a half ago, her mum passed away. Anita describes this as a turning point in a meaningful, thoughtful way. It prompted her to look at all the different areas of her life, to examine what’s healthy and what’s not. “This is a great phase of self-awareness,” she observes. 

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“I’ve had good times and bad times. That’s what it means to be a human being. And all of my experiences have given me opportunities to decide to view everything and everyone with compassion, to step back and observe.” In particular, she makes it a point to make the best of every stage of life by incorporating the following lessons:   

1) Resilience

“What it means to recover and move forward, lessons tucked under belt. ”

 2) Failure  

 “Embracing failure and realising it is a great motivator.”

3) Commitment

“Staying the course even as the course changes, making little changes to go with the flow.”

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