A Precious Bouquet You Will Love


April 20, 2017 | BY Karishma Tulsidas

A lush bloom of diamonds with a dash of Italian glamour. 


Giorgio, Silvia and Guido Damiani head the family firm 

It’s Spring, and what better time to celebrate the season’s first blush of luscious blooms than with Damiani’s newest Margherita collection.

The collection, launched in conjunction with an exhibition of the Italian brand’s historical pieces at Milan’s Palazzo Reale, is inspired by the 1970s archival drawings of Damiano Grassi (founder Enrico’s son), who himself had been influenced by the elegant style of Queen of Margherita of Savoy. Named the Bloom, the 1970s floral collection was a nod to the era’s “flower power” culture, and a tribute to the Queen, who was a powerful political influence on her husband Umberto I. Queen Margherita was also well-loved by her people, and was known for her social and charitable work, and her support of the arts and culture through her literary salon.


The Queen might have lent her name to various products and places—including, legend has it, the margherita pizza—but the Damiani collection of flowers is, by far, the most precious.


The collection features daisies of varying sizes in white, yellow or rose gold; their petals encrusted with diamonds, and pistils scintillating with precious coloured stones. Playful and whimsical, the collection of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces is a rich addition to the brand’s portfolio.


The highlight is the Margherita Masterpieces, where Damiani artisans proudly showcased their incredible jewellery-making skills. The stunning pieces are lavishly clothed with dazzling diamonds, and the flowers artfully arranged to convey a sense of lightness and fluidity.

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