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Beauty 8 New Aesthetic Treatments for Face and Body

8 New Aesthetic Treatments for Face and Body

8 New Aesthetic Treatments for Face and Body
By Yanni Tan
August 05, 2011

Asia Tatler highlights eight next-generation solutions for your most pressing aesthetic needs

While the first wave of aesthetics treatments several years ago managed to help us look younger and fresher, the latest suite of non-invasive options are even safer, quicker, gentler and more effective - all with minimal or no downtime.



Problem: Acne-prone and oily skin
Solution: Revlite
What: A gentle treatment with no downtime and low risk of complications, Revlite involves using a laser skin rejuvenation procedure that targets the deeper layers of the dermis without harming the superficial layer. It stimulates natural collagen growth, zaps oiliness, improves acne scarring, removes irregular pigmentation and even smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. Compatible with a host of other cosmetic procedures, it may even be used to rejuvenate the hands, neck and chest. Each session lasts 45 minutes, and begins with microdermabrasion and gentle extraction before the laser, ending with a Gentlewaves LED light treatment to speed up the healing process.
Where: IYAC Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Clinic, #06-03 Camden Medical Centre, Tel: 6738-9989


Problem: Dull, rough complexion and/or large pores
Solution: Clear + Brilliant
What: This new treatment bridges the gap between the short-term effects of a pampering facial, and the long-term benefits of aggressive, painful laser treatments with downtime. Based on fractional laser technology and recommended to correct early signs of ageing or as a maintenance therapy for healthy skin, Clear + Brilliant is delivered with a handpiece that fires laser into the superficial dermis uniformly and gently. It refreshes and brightens tired skin, smoothens the complexion, and reduces the appearance of large pores without peeling or downtime, such that other anti-ageing treatments like Thermage, Botox or fillers may be done concurrently.


Where: SkinLab Medical Spa, #04-04 Wheelock Place, Tel: 6235-3246


Problem: Pigmentation
Solution: Cosmelan-amf
What: Cosmelan by Mesoestetic is a depigmentation peel treatment that first established itself as a cult treatment in Hollywood, and now, it is relaunched in a new formulation as Cosmelan-amf, which is more efficacious yet more suitable for sensitive skin types. Essentially, it is a two-step treatment that involves a physician-grade, leave-on exfoliation mask-cum-peel to be applied at the clinic (to be washed off at home later), and DIY home-maintenance with creams and a sunblock. It dramatically lightens both hormonal- and scarring-related pigmentation, and even has the ability to alleviate acne. Unlike harsh acid peels, it does not result in downtime nor severe flaking and redness.


Where: Cosmopolitan Clinic, 25 Lorong Telok, #01-01, Tel: 6327-3773


Problem: Dehydrated and blemished skin
Solution: IYAC Signature Gel Mask
What: This innovative gel mask uses carbon dioxide to improve circulation and healing in the skin's tissues. Designed as a home treatment, it is a simple treatment whereby a mixture you apply onto your skin infuses a high concentration of carbon dioxide into your blood vessels, which then causes your tissues to release oxygen to kickstart your very own natural rejuvenation process. Regular use delivers dramatic results equivalent to in-clinic treatments.


Where: IYAC Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Clinic, #06-03 Camden Medical Centre, Tel: 6738-9989


Problem: Rough, wrinkly hands
Solution: LinC Hand Rejuvenation Programme
What: The hands are usually one of the first body parts to betray one's age. If your hardworking hands are already showing signs of age, and applying hand creams is not salvaging the situation, give those digits a rejuvenating treat with this specially tailored programme. It is a three-step process involving a gentle exfoliating peel-cum-hand massage, followed by a moisturising mask-cum-wrap to infuse hyaluronic acid deep into skin to plump out hollows, ending with a hand rejuvenation cream to boost elasticity and skin tone. The result is smooth, silky soft and more translucent skin on the hands.
Where: LinC Aesthetic Clinic, #21-01/02 Liat Towers, Tel: 6732-0208


Problem: Unwanted hair
Solution: Selectif Pro
What: Hair removal treatments have always been associated with significant pain, and certain permanent solutions are unable to target darker skin tones and fine, light or white hair. Selectif Pro, an ultra-sound system, is one new offering that ensures permanent and precise hair removal for all hair colours, on any skin tone. Most of all, it is truly painless, which makes it perfect for shaping the eyebrow or bikini line, or targeting delicate areas like the upper lip, chin and underarm. It is also free of side effects.
Where: Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, #05-11 Wheelock Place, Tel: 6732-4981

Problem: Hair loss and thinning hair
Solution: iGrow
What: If topical medication isn't further improving your hair loss situation; a complicated hair implantation procedure is out of the question; and regular laser therapies are too troublesome to schedule, iGrow could be your easiest solution. This DIY home treatment only involves wearing a helmet that uses painless, heat-free "cold" laser and LED light to awaken hair roots, stimulate growth, and prolong the lifespan of follicles. The hands-free headwear comes with an automated handset with embedded headphones that can be plugged into your music player, so you can multitask while sitting through your 20 to 25min session just twice or thrice weekly.



Where: Asia Health Partners, #05-06 Lucky Plaza, Tel: 6235-7888

Problem: Love handles

Solution: CoolSculpting
What: Adequate exercise and a healthy diet do nothing to eliminate the layer of stubborn fat around your waistline, and yet you're not just about to go for fat-busting injections or a traumatic surgical procedure. To the rescue comes CoolSculpting, which uses a precisely controlled cooling method called cryolipolysis to target, cool and eliminate fat cells without damage to neighbouring tissue, and nor is there downtime. It involves drawing up your fatty bulge between two cooling panels, and chilling the section during a one- to three-hour procedure, during which you may relax, nap or read. Post-treatment, your body will flush out the dead fat cells naturally for up to six months. Results may be seen as quickly as three weeks, but the most dramatic results come after two months.
Where: Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, #05-11 Wheelock Place, Tel: 6732-4981


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