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Beauty6 Reasons to Get That Gym Membership

6 Reasons to Get That Gym Membership

6 Reasons to Get That Gym Membership
By Julia Gustafsson
February 18, 2016

Stop envying your friend’s toned physique and join her at the gym.

So you’ve already bought yourself a brand-new workout wardrobe in anticipation of a fitter 2016. Next on your list is to make a fail-safe action plan. Stop envying your friend’s toned physique and join her at the gym. Or start scouting for a fitness club that suits your personal budget and exercise needs. With monthly fees starting from about $100, a gym membership will be worth every cent — as long as you use it, of course. These benefits should convince you.

1. You Will Find Your Groove

If you have resolved to get off the couch and become more active this year, joining a gym is a smart first step, particularly if you do not have a favourite workout just yet. Attending different fitness classes lets you discover what keeps you interested. It could be hard-hitting aerobics, fun dance fitness classes like Zumba or Bokwa, high-intensity boot camp-style workouts, challenging martial arts, calming yoga or core-strengthening Pilates. 

Fitness First, for example, offers more than 1,200 classes a week across 17 clubs. There is bound to be something you would like.

2. Learn to Make Time for Exercise

Because classes at fitness clubs often require pre-booking, you will have to plan your schedule ahead of time. And that is a good thing because we all know how easy it is to back out of an evening run just because work was exhausting — or you just felt too lazy. 

With the added commitment to a gym (and your friends), perhaps you will finally develop that discipline to stick to your fitness plan. In a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, researchers found that people take between 18 and 254 days to form a habit. On average, it takes 66 days to make it stick.

Joining a gym and going regularly over a sustained period of time will help you form a healthy routine. 

3. Grow Your Own Fitfam

Belonging to a fitness family helps people stay motivated. At Pure Yoga, for instance, there is a strong sense of community. 

“Members form friendships based on their love for yoga. Some of our regulars attend the same class every other day,” says Copper Crow, country managing teacher at Pure Yoga Singapore. 

Fitness pals also keep you on your toes. A Kansas State University study found that people who exercise with companions whom they deemed to be fitter worked out twice as hard as they would when they were alone. Where better to find a fit friend than at the gym?

4. Get a Fully-Equipped Playground 

Inspired by the character Frank Underwood from the television series House of Cards and his luxurious rowing machine? Hold on a second.

Home exercise equipment can be a huge investment, both in terms of finances and space. It is not uncommon for people to splurge on a costly treadmill or exercise bike for their homes, only for the equipment to become a white elephant. You are better off signing up with a fitness club that gives you access to a wide range of fitness equipment. As gyms tend to upgrade their equipment periodically, you will also get first dibs on the latest, most high-tech models. 

Besides exercise machinery, gyms also provide good facilities. Fitness First has swimming pools at six clubs: 321 Clementi, Capital Tower, Fusionopolis, One George Street, Mapletree Business City and Westgate. 

Pure Yoga has a studio specially fitted with soft fabric hammocks and stirrups for its popular Wall Rope and aerial yoga (named Pure Air) classes.

5. There are Bonus Perks 

These days, fitness clubs offer much more beyond fun exercise classes and great amenities.

Gyms often do tie-ups with other health and wellness merchants. Member-only privileges include discounts at sports retailers and food and beverage outlets, exclusive packages with health and medical clinics as well as special deals for spas and beauty services.

6. Finally, You Will Feel Good

As you get stronger, leaner and more toned, you will feel more confident. Of course, you will get bragging rights too — go on and Instagram your first handstand or post your tough WOTD (workout of the day, in Crossfit speak). 

Moreover, you will be chalking up extra likes from your new gym pals. Research shows that active people have more energy and deal with stress more effectively too. How is that for a better year ahead? 


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