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Jewellery3 Beautiful Jewellery Collections Inspired By Nature

3 Beautiful Jewellery Collections Inspired By Nature

3 Beautiful Jewellery Collections Inspired By Nature
By Erica Fong
July 23, 2017

From dainty flowers to prickly plants.

HW Winston Garden Tulip Bracelet & Necklace.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Harry Winston

With summer in full bloom, it's no surprise that jewellery brands like Harry Winston and Cartier have drawn on Mother Nature—including flowers, leaves and even prickly plants—as inspiration for their latest collections.

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We've picked three of our favourites below:

Cindy Chao Maple Earrings
[Image]CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel Four Seasons Maple Earrings.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Cindy Chao

Part of Cindy Chao's Four Seasons' White Label Collection, these gorgeous maple earrings are made of 18-karat white gold with 1,130 diamonds 25.16 carats and 314 yellow diamonds as side stones (for a total of 25.16 carats and 1.23 carats, respectively).

Harry Winston Lily Cluster Rings & Bracelets

Downloads3.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Harry Winston

Drawing from the Harry Winston archives, the Lily Cluster collection reinterprets the iconic Cluster motif through various representations of blooming lilies. 

Cartier Cacti Earrings

Downloads2.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Cartier

A departure from floral designs, Cartier have taken inspiration from the prickly cactus for their Cactus de Cartier collection—choose from gold pendants, rings and hoop earrings in a range of shiny or matte finishes.

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