What's Going Through The Rumour Mill This Month?

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February 15, 2017 | BY Singapore Tatler

Straight from the underbelly of high society.

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#1: Forget Me Not
What does one have to do to be remembered these days? For one high-profile businesswoman, it seemed attending an intimate dinner together wasn’t enough to make an impression. When they saw each other again at a charity ball a month later, the said lady even requested to exchange name cards as though they were meeting for the first time. 

 #2: Audacious Ma’am
When this well-known serial regifter recently celebrated her birthday at home, not only did guests have to come bearing lavish gifts; they also had to bring their own food for the potluck.   

#3: Ladies’ Night
At another birthday party, one matron was quick to confront the birthday girl about why her husband was snubbed from the invitation list. But if she had taken a look around, she would have noticed that there weren’t any other husbands around.

#4: More than Friends
Spotted: a so-married society belle and her close male “friend” holding hands in a dimly lit restaurant. The acquaintance who witnessed the hanky‑panky chose to turn a blind eye, but the story spilled when she innocently enquired with friends about the marital status of the said lass.

#5: Life Story
She’s no Kate Moss, but this society gossip figured that it would make sense to put a fat price tag on her recently released tell‑all tome. Not only has the book’s exorbitant price been ridiculed, its content (or lack thereof) has left a lot to be desired. 

#6: All Too Familiar
There’s a serial regifter on the loose who isn’t shy about repurposing the presents her kids have received, even if they are musty, stained or even used. Look out for the presents you’ve gifted her; you might see it on someone else’s kid. 

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