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The SceneWhat The Tatler Nose Overheard From The Society Grapevine #2

What The Tatler Nose Overheard From The Society Grapevine #2

What The Tatler Nose Overheard From The Society Grapevine #2
By The Tatler Nose
March 08, 2019
Singapore Tatler's resident bon vivant sniffs out the secrets straight from the underbelly of high society
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Blow Up

For her new boy toy’s birthday, a party-loving matron gave the guy an inflatable doll dressed in one of her skimpy bikinis and with her face on it, no less. Needless to say, it was the best gift he had received that night, judging by the many wefies he took with the dolly—more so than with the real McCoy.

White Lie

One society lady told everyone that the custom Valentino gown she wore to a recent wedding cost her an arm and a leg. But in fact, she had borrowed the dress from her wealthier friend, who unknowingly let the cat out of the bag when people started asking her about the piece.

Eyes On You

Five—the number of hours one control-freak couple sat in front of their CCTV at home, keeping a watchful eye on the construction workers who were building the new wing of their bungalow. Well, at least the workers can be assured that the security at their worksite is top-notch!

Bossy Pants

Standing close to the award-winning photographer hired to snap her best friend’s pre-wedding pictures, one young miss instructed the increasingly irritated man on the different angles he should take for his next shot. She even scoffed at some of the pictures as they were reviewing them, causing him to stomp off halfway.

Image: 123RF
Image: 123RF

Fashion Dilemma

It’s not easy travelling with a style influencer. For one gentleman, the difficulty lies in deciding whether to travel light—so his Instagram-famous wife can have his share of the 30kg luggage allowance—or give in to her persistent whining about not having enough outfits for the trip to show her followers, even if it was just for three days.

Claws Out

Despite proclaiming herself a feminist, this matron displayed an opposing stance when she scoffed to her friend over dinner recently, “I don’t know how some of these women can attend those frivolous society lunches every day. Unlike them, I’m so busy at work that I hardly have time to eat!”


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