What Really Went Down At The Singapore Tatler Fashion Awards

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April 21, 2017 | BY Chong Seow Wei and Elizabeth Lee

Seen and heard at our inaugural fashion event.

Oh, what a night!

Our inaugural Tatler Fashion Awards started with a bang and ended on an even higher note. Curious to know what really went down? 

Here's a quick rundown of what was seen and overheard at our hallmark fashion event.


Guests were treated to the sight of the stunning Lamborghini Huracán Rwd Spyder the moment they arrived at PARKROYAL On Pickering.


An open whiskey bar courtesy of Glenfiddich? Yes, please.

When there’s an open whisky bar, you know people are going to loosen up a little. The 15-year-old Glenfiddich whisky, topped with star anise for a hint of spice, was the most popular drink of the night.

The meticulously created eats by the PARKROYAL On Pickering team were delicious.

Food? Simply delish! Guests like Susan Peh, Dolly Cheong and Cheryl Cheong raved about the lovely salmon and tasty sliders.

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(L-R) Jilly Wang, Stephanie Lee, Fanty Soenardy

Hello, stranger! (Pictured: Margie Van Elten Blommaert and Corinne Ng).

Everyone loves a good picture. The Hello Stranger photo booth was packed throughout the night, with a line extending to the food stations. Who could resist hamming it up over the “weights” and sporting a “six pack”?

Margie Van Elten Blommaert in Surrender Spring 2017

Our Style Disruptor 2017 winner, Margie Van Elten Blommaert opened the Surrender Spring 2017 show to hoots of appreciation and thunderous applause. What was on runway was available for purchase right after the show. We hear Margie may have gotten an outfit or two.

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Lynn Yeow De Vito shined in a body con dress.

Lynn Yeow De Vito may have walked the catwalk before, but the mother of four was feeling the nerves before the Surrender Spring 2017 runway show. “I’ve never done anything as big or extensive like this,” she said.

Spiffy Sanveer Gill is our Most Stylish Man of the Year 2017.

In his thank-you speech, Sanveer Gill, winner our Most Stylish Man of the Year award said men have it easier when it comes to styling themselves. Then he proceeded to give a shout-out to all the women in the room for taking the time and effort to dress well every day.

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Heels or flats? We think the Most Stylish Woman 2017, Stephanie Lee, would look amazing either way.

Stephanie Lee, our pick for Most Stylish Woman 2017, humorously dedicated her stilettos to her dad Billy, who is both her greatest fashion supporter and critic. He had recently quipped that of late, she had been wearing too many flats.

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In the frow (a.k.a front row): Ho Ching Lin, Dick Lee, Corinne Ng, Susanna Kang.

Grace Yeh in the front row with her friends.

While editor-in-chief Jane Ngiam was introducing the winner for our Most Classic Dresser 2017 award, someone (Grace Chng, was that you?!) recognised the description and yelled, “Grace Yeh!”, in support of her friend. “Women are like fine wine, we get better with age,” said Grace in her short speech.

Our Singapore Tatler Fashion Awards recipients (L-R: Margie Van Elten Blommaert, Grace Yeh, Sanveer Gill, Dawn Koh, Stephanie Lee) with their Lalique trophies.

Adrian Ng hams it up for the audience.

Loh May-Han had no idea what husband Adrian Ng was going to get up to as he had not let on about his involvement with TFA. When he came out dressed to the nines in Adidas “rapper”gear, she was gobsmacked. “I didn’t know where to look—the stage or the screen,” she said. As for Adrian, he joked that he was hoping someone would wield the eyeliner on for him for his rap segment, just like what was seen in the music video playing in the background.

(In clockwise direction from the top left) Andre Huber, Bobby Hiranandani, Oscar Mico, Jim Rogers, Billy Lee, Adrian Ng. Eyewear by Safilo.

Jim Rogers going for gold.

Are you a “bad, bad boy”? Jim Rogers definitely knew how to work the crowd when he started throwing money out during his rap segment. He also dipped his gold chain into a glass of whisky, licked it and kissed the hand of emcee Rozz’s before making a grand exit. Psst: Jim, you’ve got fans. We hear Beh Swan Gin and Maisy Koh specially attended TFA because they found out you were going to be on stage! And what’s wife Paige Parker’s take on it? “He’s such a sport. Still… Hubs is gonna keep to investing,” she says on Instagram.

Jane Ngiam, Lam Tze Tze, Loh May-Han, Adrian Ng, Serene Tan, Lynn Yeow De Vito, Paige Parker, Iroshini Chua.


Audrey Mico, Oscar Mico, Celeste Basapa, Benjamin Kim, Serene Tan.

Corinne Ng, Swee Lin Lim, Desmond Lim, Margie Van Elten Blommaert.

This was a crowd that knew how to P-A-R-T-Y! Never mind that the event had already ended, guests stayed on to mingle, and some even headed down to the lobby for a round of drinks. 

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