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Close Up 10 Tatler “300 List” Instagrammers to Follow Now

10 Tatler “300 List” Instagrammers to Follow Now

10 Tatler “300 List” Instagrammers to Follow Now
By Hayden Ng
February 27, 2016

They’re not only successful in the real world, but these personalities stand out on social media too. Check out their Instagram accounts now.

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Hands up if you spend a huge part of your daily routine on Instagram. You’re not alone; here at Singapore Tatler (@sgtatler), we’re equally obsessed with hashtagging and double-tapping. So when it comes to our Follow list, we like to check out the latest happenings from the most influential people Singapore. These are the accounts we follow from our Top 300 list.

1. Georgia Lee

In between seeing patients at TLC Lifestyle Practice, and rubbing shoulders with celebrities at fancy soirees, the founder of DrGL takes time out to update followers on her daily life — decked in designer wear, no less.

2. Tjin Lee

Entrepreneur, traveller, wife and mother of two adorable sons, Tjin Lee, founder and CEO of Mercury group and co-founder of social enterprise Crib as well as shared working space Trehaus, has a lot to juggle. But the stylish mum never fails to share every happy, cute and tearful moment one square frame at a time — especially those with her sons, Tyler, affectionately known as Bubu, and Jake.

3. Hossan Leong

When actor-comedian Hossan Leong takes the stage, he never fails to bring smiles to the audience’s faces. The actor’s Instagram posts are no different, with its witty posts and quips that are a joy to see and read — especially on dreadful working weekdays.

4. Loh Lik Peng

This one’s for the foodies. Hotelier and restaurateur Loh Lik Peng’s mouth-watering #foodporn images celebrate the art of good food, travels and his restaurants. So if you’re looking for some of the best restaurant recommendations, you can count on him.

5. Paige Parker

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend; for Paige, she counts on tennis, travel, food and a truckload of good quotes too. We especially enjoy reading the quotes and memes she regrams — from female empowerment to the humourous and sassy.

6. Tan Chuan-Jin

The Minister for Social and Family Development isn’t just an avid sportsman, he’s also a photography enthusiast. But beware, his travel photos may spark some serious wanderlust envy, and before you know it, you’re booking your next vacay.

7. Ivan Heng

There are those accounts that make you grimace and go, “What?!” Then there are those that just brighten up your day. Ivan’s Instagram feed definitely belongs to the latter; especially because his megawatt smile is rather infectious.

8. Olga Iserlis

Having a headache from planning that big party you’re holding? Turn to Olga. If you don’t already know her, the director of Twise, which specialises in organising high profile events in Singapore and the region, surely knows all the dos and don’ts of throwing an unforgettable party.

9. Wee Teng Wen

The founder and managing partner of The Lo & Behold Group does have an eye for good photography, especially when he’s journalling about his travel and food adventures on Instagram. But what we like more: Muffin his adorable corgi, pictured  here.

10. André Chiang

The famous Taiwan-born and French-trained chef doesn’t shy away from candid updates. From sharing his #icebucketchallenge to posing with his own portrait, André is always ready to flash his megawatt smile and show off his cheeky side.


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