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The Scene From The Tatler Archives Part 2: Secrets Of High Society, As Told To & Heard By Us

From The Tatler Archives Part 2: Secrets Of High Society, As Told To & Heard By Us

From The Tatler Archives Part 2: Secrets Of High Society, As Told To & Heard By Us
By Singapore Tatler
November 04, 2017

Troubles with money, love and social graces are as old as time itself. We compiled the most salacious grists from our library, and realised, some things never change. This second part reveals the romantic habits of some society folks, who we choose to believe do not represent the majority.

From the 1980s

Love-Hate Lines

The reason why some guys are still single must be their lack of imagination in approaching a woman. Should you attract the attention of this one cheesy gent, we’ve compiled the best retorts: 

Him: “You remind me so much of somebody I know.”

You: “Yes… your wife.”

Him: “Haven’t I seen you some place before?”

You: “Oh dear, were you in the ladies’ room just now?”

Him: “Where have you been all my life?”

You: “Avoiding you.”

Him: “I’ve never been in love before.”

You: “Please don’t start now.”

From the 1990s

Double Dealing

One wealthy wheeler-dealer did not realise how small Singapore was until he was spotted in Sentosa by a friend. Apparently, he had received a distress call from a lover to meet at the eleventh hour, so he told his wife that an important business meeting had cropped up and he had to fly to Ho Chi Minh City. Unfortunately, the friend happened to meet his wife and when she mentioned that her husband was overseas, the friend was puzzled. The wife eventually found out about her husband’s philandering ways and all hell broke loose.

Image: 123RF
Image: 123RF

From the 2000s

Kiss Met

A lazy afternoon at a six-star hotel restaurant turned interesting when a society lady entered with a lady friend, only to be joined by a roguish young man shortly after. Gastronomy wasn’t on the agenda as within minutes of the intimate conversation with the lad, she proceeded to make out with him in full view of others, causing her friend to leave in a huff and rendering the table of diners next to them speechless. 

From the 2010s

Cougar Town

A foxy lady of indiscernible age was recently overheard flirting with a man half her age. Visibly disturbed, the man hinted that he was married, saying, “How do you maintain your youthful looks? I want to tell my wife.” He certainly did not expect this answer: “Young boys keep me young.”


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