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The Scene Heading Back to the Office Soon? 4 Tips to Help You Adjust to the Change

Heading Back to the Office Soon? 4 Tips to Help You Adjust to the Change

Working from the office will soon become the norm
Working from the office will soon become the norm
By Camillia Dass
March 28, 2021
Going back to the office after over a year of working from home is a huge change. Here are some ways you can make it easier for yourself

This week, more Covid-19 measures were eased in Singapore during a Covid-19 multi-ministry task force meeting. The highlight of the meeting though was the announcement that more employees would be allowed to return to the office from April 5 and that split team arrangements will no longer be mandatory. 

The news was certainly met with many mixed reactions. Some people were excited to be going back to work and meeting up with their colleagues once again. However, just as many were anxious about the return after having gotten used to the extra time and independence working from home gave them. 

No matter which camp you fall into, here are some tips to help you ease back into working from the office. 

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Working from home
Working from home

1/4 Be patient

Though certain measures surrounding the workplace have been eased, there are still many limitations when it comes to meetings, team activities and events. Many companies are also still scrambling to figure out how to bring their employees back safely while taking their concerns into consideration. 

Be patient as you wait for news as to what your next steps will be. Try to avoid speculating or assuming as that will only increase your anxiety and cause unnecessary stress.

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Transitioning back to the office can be hard especially if you have young kids
Transitioning back to the office can be hard especially if you have young kids

2/4 Be vocal about possible challenges

Many people, particularly those with young kids, elderly parents or particularly challenging circumstances, may have found working from home a lot more convenient.

Without the need to travel to and from work, many enjoyed the extra time. Plus, parents and caregivers were certainly able to be more flexible when it came to balancing work and caregiving while at home.

Going back to the office might mean that you will need to engage daycare services or change certain routines or aspects of your life to accommodate the big change of returning to the office for the entire day.

As your office is preparing for your return, be vocal about these issues with your superiors and see if special arrangements can be made.

This also applies if you have existing health issues that might make you more nervous about returning to work and possibly being exposed to the virus. 

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Zoom meetings will soon be a thing of the past
Zoom meetings will soon be a thing of the past

3/4 Try to find the positives

While we will not be able to have full-scale team bonding activities or events any time soon, we are still allowed to meet in groups of 8.

Try to focus on the positives of getting to see your colleagues again. The joy of going out for meals together or even just getting to have a quick chat with someone when you take a break from work.

Look at the experience as a great way to go back to creating boundaries between work and home and focus on all the new relationships you will get to cultivate during this new season. 

It may be tough but remember when we were upset that we had no way to enjoy water cooler chat anymore? 

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Working from the office
Working from the office

4/4 Look at the bigger picture

This might be really hard to do but try to look at things long term. While right now you might be feeling stressed and anxious as well as unsure about how everything will go, remember that you will adjust and soon, working from the office full-time will become the norm.

In the same way that you adjusted to working from home, you will be able to readjust back to going to the office. 

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