The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: November 30 to December 2

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November 30, 2018 | BY Amelia Yeo

Immerse yourself in a wholesome weekend as sustainable pop-ups and film festivals fill your heart to the brim

Image: Courtesy of Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum’s new Southeast Asian galleries

What In line with the museum’s ongoing Southeast Asian curatorial narrative, these three new permanent gallery additions complete the theme of Faith and Belief and will be available to the public from December 1 onwards. With each gallery anchored in Christian, Islamic as well as Ancestral and Ritualistic art, delve into the complexities through a range of displays sourced from Southeast Asia that showcases striking cultural and religious exchanges manifested in highlights such as the Christ Child from the Philippines and Quran Chest from Myanmar, dating back to the late 17th and early 20th century.

When From December 1

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The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: November 30 to December 2
Image: Courtesy of LOOP Singapore

Loop! A Pop-up Championing Sustainability Awareness

What A vital step towards fostering a greater environmental community, Loop! presents Singapore’s largest plastic-free festival that allows the eco-conscious to engage with individuals who are championing the cause through retail, local crafts, and a series of workshops. Situated at the Esplanade Park, immerse yourself in unique workshops this weekend and have a go at making your own chopsticks and self-sustaining terrarium. With the festive season upon us, embrace the holiday spirit and arrange your own Christmas flower wreaths and soy candles to take home as well. 

When December 1 to December 31

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Image: Courtesy of Singapore International Film Festival

Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF)

What Film buffs are in for a treat this weekend as they can look forward to an exciting lineup of screenings and events curated for audiences of every kind. Not only does this year’s film festival boast works from stellar directors and cinematographers, the narratives discussed pervades the periphery and ventures into difficult realities of the private sphere, inciting a degree of self-reflection and conversations about national discourse. Featuring an array of works ranging from propagandic films in North Korea to the picturesque landscapes of rural plantations in Italy this weekend, the quiet journey of chasing visuals have never been so purposefully insightful.

When November 28 to December 9

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The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: November 30 to December 2
Image: Courtesy of ArtBlue Studio

Watch artist Bui Van Hoan at work

What Known for his meditative paintings, art enthusiasts are invited to Vietnamese artist Bui Van Hoan's solo exhibition and personally observe him at work this weekend at Singapore's leading contemporary Vietnamese art gallery, ArtBlue Studio. Surpassing the initial monochromatic impression, his paintings reveal a subtle complexity involving layers of hues and movement in its landscapes. Coupled with the mesmerising qualities and techniques he uses to manipulate the portrayal of light, it renders his work as a series of ethereal masterpieces. 

When November 29 to December 5

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