The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: June 22 to 24

The Scene

June 22, 2018 | BY Chloe Pek

This weekend, take it slow and allow yourself some time for introspection as you visit these art and cultural exhibitions

Photo: Courtesy of Hatch Art Project

Deciphering Foods: You are what you eat

What Be prepared to see food in a whole new light, as presented by Hatch Art Project’s first exhibition. Featuring emerging artists from Asia Pacific—Bakudapan Food Study Group, Iqi Qoror, and Yaya Sung from Indonesia; Deborah Loh from Singapore; Jazel Kristin from the Philippines; Nguyễn Văn Đủ from Vietnam; and Shim Hyejung from Korea—Deciphering Foods offers a bold, raw, and critical perspective on our relationship with food and its subjectivity through different mediums of art.

When June 4 to August 3

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The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: June 22 to 24
Photo: Courtesy of Theo Jansen

Wind Walkers: Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests

What Walk with the beasts at ArtScience Museum in Theo Jansen’s first Southeast Asian exhibition. Known for his impressive Strandbeests—"beach animals" in Dutch—the Dutch sculptor has spend the last 28 years developing these wind-powered kinetic sculptures, which he allows to roam the shores of the Netherlands. Wind Walkers showcases 13 of Jansen’s towering Strandbeests, presenting a retrospective of his life, work, and background in both art and science.

When June 23 to September 30

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Photo: Courtesy of National Heritage Board

Building History: Monuments in Bricks and Blocks

What Take in eight of Singapore’s National Monuments in one sitting—in the form of miniature models constructed with over 110,000 toy bricks. See the Central Fire Station, the Nanyang University Library, the National Museum of Singapore, St Andrew’s Cathedral, and more, up close and in their entirety, and learn about their significance in Singapore’s heritage and history. The exhibition will begin at the Central Public Library and subsequently travel around the rest of Singapore’s libraries.

When June 7 to 30

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The Tatler Weekend Round-Up: June 22 to 24
An ongoing installation at Singapore Art Museum by Mayuko Kanazawa (Photo: Courtesy of Singapore Art Museum)

Installation in Progress

What Ever wondered what goes on behind an art exhibition? From development and curation, to installation and finally being able to present it to an audience, producing an exhibition is no mean feat. And the Singapore Art Museum has produced over 300 exhibitions since it opened 22 years ago.

This latest exhibition takes a look at the creation of an exhibit through the eyes of the curator, artist and audience, and allows audiences to try their hand at conceptualising their own exhibitions.

When June 18 to August 26

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