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The SceneWhat The Tatler Nose Overheard From The Society Grapevine #1

What The Tatler Nose Overheard From The Society Grapevine #1

What The Tatler Nose Overheard From The Society Grapevine #1
By The Tatler Nose
January 29, 2019
Singapore Tatler's resident bon vivant sniffs out the secrets straight from the underbelly of high society
llustration: 123RF
llustration: 123RF

For the 'gram

Despite being allocated seats at a private movie screening, one budding entrepreneur did the unthinkable—sneak onto the red carpet for a few photos with her guest after everyone had gone into the theatre, before leaving for another party right under the nose of her bewildered host.

Road rage

A mother-of-one famous for her gentle persona revealed a different side of herself on the road when she aggressively cut into the lane of another lady's car, forcing the latter to slam on her brakes to avoid getting into an accident. Turns out, the other lady was a friend who instantly recognised her from her bright purple hair.

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Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Personal stylist

Overheard: the reason behind one socialite's signature get-up. Never seen in anything other than a variety of low-cut tops and micro-mini skirts, the 40-something lady happily tells a friend after a few drinks that it is her husband who styles her each time they go out—be it to the supermarket or a gala dinner.

Oh, how lowbrow

This man, already disgruntled about being forced by his wife to attend an orchestra performance, was heard whispering—loudly—to her during the intermission: "They can't be one of the top symphonies in the world when they sound like a high school band!"

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Illustration: 123RF
Illustration: 123RF

Betty bloop

One lady made a ghastly gaffe when she mispronounced the name of a famed local luxury developer as that of a mythological ghost from Malay folklore. To make matters worse, her blunder took place when she was in conversation with the said developer's chairman, who was thoroughly amused throughout their chat. 


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